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  1. Delete modem driver reboot reinstall modem driver reboot connect phone and deactive active sync flash again with XXGD1
  2. Windows Mobile 6 I have found Windows Mobile 6 (Code name WMCrossBow). The prg has an automatic procedure of Rom upgrade. It seems very simple.... BTW, for the moment not me hazard to try it ......!!! If someone wants to try it, msg me in private. Bye HumaX
  3. Samsung i600 http://wiki.modaco.com/index.php/Samsung_i600 Updated!!! HumaX
  4. New European upgrade "no-brand" firmware Edit: Please don't link to ROMs hosted on rapidshare For upgrade and resolve all previous problem need to install "BlackJack Modem Driver". This software is included in new firmware. (Hope to give you soon firmware with Windows Mobile 6!!) Enjoy it! HumaX :rolleyes:
  5. I've download a new update rom for my Samsung SGH-i600, but, there is a problem: how can i activate device's reflashing mode??? New update rom is a file.exe that explain this message: 1. Connect your device to PC using the cable. 2. turn on the device with reflashing mode. 3. please click start button if device found. I try to search instruction over internet, but i find nothing!!! Can someone help me, please??? Many regards HumaX
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