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  1. Hi I like my new Vario II. But it won't let me send email, I get a message for each email I send, from 'System Administrator' saying it couldn't send message because of 'invalid message recipients', which they ain't! Ta for help
  2. Thanks a lot both of you. It was that checkbox thing, is working fine now- can't express how grateful I am, was going crazy! Guess this is a useful forum? Have Vario II on month's trial, one issue I'm finding (am an ex-Treo and Palm fan) is scrolling down a page- and also, is there any way all the content of a web page, or word document, or whatever, can be made to fit on the screen, without endlessly having to scroll to the right and then back to the left? Thanks again
  3. Hi-SORRY if this has been posted elsewhere I just got a Vario II, have installed Active Sync, start synching, and every time it say it is synching on desktop, and on handheld, but nothing happens! Maybe I'm not patient enough, but I set it to just synch Favorites for a trial, and have been waiting 25 minutes already! Just keeps saying it's synching, green cirle turning, but nothing transferring. Am tearing my hair out, so thanks a lot! I just realised Vario II comes under Pocket PC, so will post this there as well, hope that's OK
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