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  1. I have a SPV M2000 which keeps needing a hard reset, every couple of days etc, it is out of Orange care, as I have upgraded to the SPV M5000 as my 'main' phone, but would like to use the 2000 as my other phone on Single Number, can anyone pass the telephone number of the makers, HTC, I believe onto me, or suggest a place for repair, I have been told it is probably a processor problem by Orange.
  2. Don't Stop Me Now - Queen Wake Up Boo - Boo Radleys I Am What I Am - Gloria Gaynor
  3. What car kit do you guys and gals use with your M5000 or equiv. please.
  4. Problem solved, got the M5000 now, and it has a 'normal' 3.5mm jack socket
  5. Too many but going backwards M5000 M2000 M1000 E100 6310i 6210 T610 V3388 V3890 Banana Dancall DC1 5110 StarTac plus about 20 to 30 others.
  6. Put the MAC address into your WiFi setting on your router
  7. Just got my M5000 and notices in WM10 I can get to 'My TV', how do I download anything to watch on the 'TV' please.
  8. I am a mobile DJ and was looking at getting an iPod as back up, then it dawned on me that I could record some backup music onto a 1GB SD Card and play it via the windows media player on the phone, however the headphone socket is not the standard jack socet, can anyone help me find a lead with a set of phono plugs on the other end that will also fit into the headphone socket of my phone. Thanks Andy
  9. To turn on/off flight mode does take a while aftert you have pressed the buttons, I simply tap on the volume icon and turn on vibrate only, then I know if someone is calling but no ringing.
  10. I had this problem with my M2000 and iPaq 5450, I called both Orange and Netgear who 'blamed' each other, in the end I changed the WiFi SSID name and it all worked, can't remeber how I did it though :cry: To see if it is the M2000 find your nearest hotspot and see if the phone finds it.
  11. Any news on a complete system yet anyone
  12. How do I find the MAC address of my M2000 ?
  13. Hi, I need an idiots proof instruction on how to get the video from my M2000 onto my laptop, and watch it on there please.
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