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  1. I have a EU unlocked Streak with broken LCD/Gorilla Glass for sale in case you're still interested. It runs fine but with no LCD I cannot control it.
  2. I am selling my Streak because it was just too big for me to use as a phone and I recently bought an iPad so I am not using the Streak as a tablet as much as I used to. I have the following items: Dell Streak 16GB simlockfree, bought on 4 December. Including all standard accessories, box, invoice, etc. Dell Streak Car Dock Kit Dell Streak flip case Mugen 4800mAh battery RebelSIM Card with Cutting Tool and SIMCard programmer (bought with my original O2 Streak) Dell Streak (broken) with no memorycard but with all other accessories, LCD and Gorilla Glass are broken. If anyone is interested send me an e-mail and we can discuss price. I am based in the Netherlands so it's probably only of interest to EU buyers.
  3. I have the same experience. I have no new apps installed so it must be the new build.
  4. I think an update for Steve's 1.5.1 is needed. After I flashed Project 4 the new window animations have disappeared.
  5. I don't know how but I finally managed to install 1.4.6. Wish Android was a little less time consuming! Took me 8 hours to upgrade the ROM and now another couple of hours re-installing apps and settings. If only Nandroid would be working it would have saves me a lot of time!
  6. Does this work in conjunction with the Kika theme for 1.4.6?
  7. What would a bare Streak (no accessories) with a broken LCD and glass be worth?
  8. A quick question, I got my my new Streak today (dropped the old one and LCD broke) and I've been trying to upgrade to 1.4.6 all afternoon with no luck. I never had problems upgrading with my old Streak but with this one I can't get past the Modaco 2.1 ROM. Can you ugrade straight from Modaco 2.1 to DJSteve 1.4.6 by flashing the new baseband and the the 1.4.6 ZIP or do I have to flash DJSteve 1.1 first? I tried the latter but keep getting a stuck Dell logo upon reboot. BTW the baseband is GAUSB1A120621-EU.
  9. Please tell me how to update a driver on OSX, I'm not using a Windows machine!
  10. Thanks, I contacted them but they don't repair the Streak. Even worse, my LCD screen broke today so I can't use the Streak anymore. Time to get a new one I guess.
  11. Yes it did. My Streak LCD broke today so I'm waiting to get a new one :P
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