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  1. Did you find the correct GPS settings, I'm keen to try getting tomtom and google maps working on mine. Explanation of how to set it up appreciated. Thanks
  2. What - you didn't take your macbook???? Are you using linux on the eee of some other os? Was thinking of getting one of these little eee things if it'll run osx properly
  3. None in local stores that I've seen so far, next week was their best guess on extremely limited supply due to demand. Best chance of securing one a phone order right now
  4. They had some in stock when I phoned at 0910hrs so might be worth another try everyone... maybe they found some more hiding under their desk or something...
  5. It's going to be worth the wait, went to my local T-Mobile shop today and they said expect it first week of October now. It may be delayed as compared to all the other versions, according to the T-Mobile september 07 guide page 15 the T-Mobile Vario 3 has "225 days standby time" Now, thats impressive ;) - but I think it's a typo with a measly talk time of 3.2hrs... Regards Craig
  6. I'd like to know how this device compares to the Dopod C730/HTC Excalibur which wasn't released in the UK (does anyone know what happened to the planned Motorola Q release on 3 network???) Particular like to know how likely the screen is to crack under pressure in the back pocket/etc (the excalbur is a smartphone with a reinforced screen) and how the keyboard /battery life and weight compare Got a Hermes at the moment and it's a great device, but want something thinner than can fit the back/ or shirt pocket Cheers
  7. Definitely go into a T-Mobile shop to get the best deal, I know I bartered someone down in the last week to give me a Vario 2 for £50 on a £20/month flex-t 12 month contract Sounds like you can get it for free on a 18 Month contract... but I don't do 18 month contracts... Technology changes too much in an 18 month window
  8. If you have installed any "disable led" software, sometimes these also make the vibrate stop working. Try the vibrate after a hard reset if you have Regards Craig
  9. Hmmmm, this Kaiser seems in my view just to be a slightly slimmer, 16g lighter more refined Hermes. Sure, it's got some new things like GPS and a nicer camera - which would be great as a new purchase if I didn't have the Hermes (or if it broke) So, where it matters "functionality wise" I'm thinking it is really worth upgrading for those additional things? Especially if you already have a an external BT GPS and much better camera with a flash. The Hermes added some killer features on it's release such as 3g data and a much improved keyboard Am I missing something? Is there a big draw on this device I've not appreciated or is it noticeably faster than the Hermes? Personally, I would have liked to see a 640*480 screen, that would have been a big draw for me. I guess part of it comes down to personal preference, but I'd be interested in everyone elses comments - maybe a vote/poll would be good! Thanks
  10. Parceline delivered here today if that helps?
  11. Reminds me of that useless bit of rubber on my Orange SPV M500/Imate Jam - I intend to remove also when I receive my Orange SPV E650 on Tuesday.... ;) (although I would have bought a HTC Cavalier instead of they hadn't delayed/stopped it :( ) Now if I could just find a provider unlock so I can also use my T-Mobile sim....... Is the HTC Vox your primary device now Paul? I've got a HTC Tytn at present and I'm forgoing carrying that brick around and hoping the new slower device and data speeds don't annoy me too much.... Haven't had a true smartphone since C500 Regards Craig
  12. Would't expect the IR sends/receives to work, as I think they remove the IR port on the Vox? Regards Craig
  13. It appeared on my original "thank you for your order" on screen which I printed out, but not on the confirmation emails. You have a 14 day cooling off period, so just check the credit has been applied by giving them a call on delivery (if I remember right on that credit it should be applied to the start of the contract term) - if it hasn't I'm sure they can fix it (if they want to keep you as a customer that is...). If they refuse, just return the phone to them within 14 days. Regards Craig
  14. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPV E650 now showing as "in stock" NOW on Orange site for New contracts, I know because I just bought one (tues 24th April Delivery) Bought a Dolphin £25 - 18 months as you get more minutes/texts and £100 credit if you type in 100CREDIT during purchase in voucher code. (Handset is also FREE on that tariff) Have fun ;) .... not sure how much stock they have left. Craig P.S. And whats with those contract names? :D , I'm hoping a phone is delivered to me and not something that resembles "Flipper" as to be honest, I haven't really got the room for one of those.
  15. I still like the form factor, wasn't there also a 3g version of this phone announced some time ago - I think it got put on hold. Is the screen reinforced on this as it's a smartphone edition? Thanks Craig
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