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  1. I've got both devices, must be a popular combination.
  2. Thanks guys i was just about to update the thread as id found the answer, but as usual someone had beaten me to it. I dont think we'll be moving to exchange 2007 anytime some unfortunately.
  3. Thanks Neil i'll have a trip over there.
  4. yep its 2003 SP2 we are getting mail as it arrives. i cant see any options in exchange to enable HTML tho.
  5. Yup we are using exchange hosted account.
  6. Thats the problem when i go to that screen its greyed out and says plain text it wont let me click on it and select HTML.
  7. If i sync with a cable to my comp i have the option of using HTML emails but when i change to sync over the air the option is greyed out and i can only use plain text. Anyone know how to fix this. Thanks James
  8. Good News O2 finally realised the check link was wrong. Correct one now up to asus site. http://xdagraphite.asus.com/o2/Graphite_Up...lity_V3.4.0.zip
  9. used mancoms download working well on graphite, still cant use the o2 website for a download though.
  10. I'm having the same problems as some of you o2 keeps rejecting my serial no. mine is a uk graphite from o2. just downloaded the update from mancom will let you know if its a success.
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