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  1. no seriously - im confused. what is all this about. the device is old. why are you reviewing it/inviting questions on it, months after release?
  2. are you going to get a SPV next? This device has been out on sale for months. http://www.tracyandmatt.co.uk/blogs/index....0w_aries_review date: November 2007
  3. Weirdly, its on 0%. Then again, I'm not a referal program, so Paul can't make money from warning me, so I guess hes busy looking for other ways to flog the modaco cash cow*. Shame. *yes yes, I know, no one ever makes money on the net, etc etc, goodness of his heart, etc etc. Honestly, if you ban me, at least itll stop me posting when I get annoyed at the next snippit of non-news posted with free added advertisement crowbarred in. BTW: FYI, I believe this is news, but posted in the usual "florin is god" way, just like the Pof/florin/toys/pram stuff.
  4. Give it up all, no one will listen. Its obvious that no news gets posted on modaco unless it benefits Paul. Ooh I know, lets make a top 10 software list, post it as news (Despite it being far more "Lounge"ish than the Pof v Florin debate), AND GUESS WHAT: All my choices are free with Plus! Amazing. Its getting boring now. The only hope for modaco, is that enough people realise what is happening, and Paul wakes up and starts acting how he used to act.
  5. yes - then made a childish comment in this thread. You are right - it never stops. You don't want flaming in the thread, so I stop, and send a more adult PM, which you then want to post this thread. DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT. Oh and if you are desperate to post it in this thread, do it, and feel free to post mine too. I didn't PM you for any reason other than to keep it out of this thread.
  6. I suspect Florin DOESNT have a software hack, and the phone needs to be sent away because of some minor hardware mod which we've seen on some devices.
  7. Hey MS.... I read his comment, but was going to leave it - but actually you are right to bring it up. He's quite happy to pretend to be the peacemaker - but he is anything but. I PM'd him exactly why I said what I said, which in my mind are pretty damning justifcations. I PM'D him purely to keep it out of this thread, because I'm sure he would love to lock it, move on, and forget this almighty screw up. However, he brought it back here (I'm guessing so I'll respond and he can lock it.) Very 2 faced.
  8. Now you see we are kinda getting somewhere - and I agree with what you've said. However, I STILL find it hard to believe that a short 1/2 sentence quote from POF's statement basically saying "I disagree" would have looked better from Modaco's point of view, and been fairer to POF. No agreement there?
  9. Thats why I said that (to quote Alan Partridge) But you haven't explained paul. I don't have a problem with the news being reported - it is surely newsworthy. I can even kind of see what thought processes went into the original article - but theres no quote from POF, nothing but a link.... I don't see why.
  10. Well OK, since its only you who has quoted me, how about I completely delete my post, and you remove the quotes. Or do you just want to keep it buried in the lounge?
  11. As I see it (which people may differ from), you should have either: Removed the screengrab at the earlier chance, or, added POF's response. The current news story is completely unacceptable in my opinion.
  12. I got the same problem - but the board helpfully told me "Hi, I'm about to screw up your post - please take a copy before you press continue". So I did ;)
  13. OK, Understood, so if i remove / rework the sections of my post you feel aren't suitable for the frontpage (And I don't disagree there), will you return this thread to where it belongs? Its an ongoing news story, and criticism of modaco about how it has been covered. Its still ongoing, by most posters admission, so should be in the news section. Not buried in the lounge.
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