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  1. Hi Paul, Any news on the Photo samples? Thanks.
  2. Sorry to bother. Just found how to do it.
  3. Hi, Thanks for the icons. Could you explain how did you do DLL files from .ico files that could be read by SK Shortcuts, and if it is the case indicate where to find the software? I thank you a lot.
  4. Besides the lack of tilt, not Quad Band, half the hardware buttons on the front, don't know how many less buttons on the sides. Also it is not that much smaller or lighter (if it were more than 1mm thinner that will be a real gain - at least for men who has to put it in pants pockets). Concerning the keyboard, they seem to have optimized keyboard real estate but as they added another row of keys and the device is indeed a bit smaller the keys may be smaller as well, so keyboard seems to be better until usage proof, I guess. I also believe that the driver issue still needs needs to be corroborated by real usage in terms of responsiveness, video playback etc. But that's just OPINION, and is based on how one uses the phone. So it is fair to say there are drawbacks to some people. Although, of course, as I said, and you remarked, there are improvements, nice ones for sure. PS: And for me all these arguments only make sense if you have to buy the device from HTC. If I lived in Europe/US and could buy through a carrier plan paying as little as they charge for these devices with contract, I would pick it up and decide which one I liked better.
  5. My thoughts, exactly. And honestly, Touch Pro specs are so similar to the Kaiser's (with a few gains, and other drawbacks, actually), that if they put a camera like this even for a little more money they would give people another option, another real differential. They would have two more different products, for different people, who would prefer one or the other. The way it is, it is almost like eletronic/gadget obsession, nerdism having a Kaiser and buying the Touch Pro. But of course I and most anyone else here suffers from this disease... :D
  6. At least Sony optics are way better than HTC's. My wife has a small Cybershot Phone with the same 3.2 MPixels of my Kaiser and the difference in photo quality is astounding (not to speak of the Xenon flash!). I don't understand why HTC does not put some quality lenses/camera on their phones. They are not cheap phones at all, and the size does not seem to be a problem (Diamond and Touch Pro specs are pretty similar, it seems to be a waste of hardware space if their difference in thickness is mostly/only the keyboard). And now the have pixels enough for good photos. Also the argument that they are just business phones does not seem good. Business users like to travel lightly in terms of gadgets. A good cell camera means one less gadget (the camera) with the possibility of taking some photos in your spare time. My two cents.
  7. I believe that unfortunately the X1 and Touch Pro cameras will be the same as the Kaiser. I do not think the photo's quality has much to do with software. Software can enhance quality a bit, but the main problem seems to be the small and cheap lenses. This, the good lens, is what makes the Cybershot phones and Nokias with Zeiss lens so much better than HTC phones in photos. And it seems that this will not change in the near future. It is a shame. That's for me the weakest point in the Kaiser and it looks like it will be as well in these upcoming phones.
  8. tbd

    Paul Reviews.... the HTC TyTN II (Kaiser)

    I believe you find a .cab file at http://forum.xda-developers.com/ with T-Mobile settings. This should apply to other providers. The Kaiser must be exactly like other HTC PPC phones. I have a HTC Wizard that I bought from T-mobile US. I've flashed a Qtek Rom and used it for a year with a Brazilian SIM card (mainly), and the T-mobile US SIM card. Then I moved to WM 6 and have used the above mentioned SIM cards, plus TIM Italia and Voda Spain with no issues at all. I haven't set up GPRS/EDGE connections in all of these countries, but have done it and things worked normally. Only issue was that a few preset functions of the SIM from the Brazilian phone provider (like adding a prefix for every call out) didn't seem to be compatible with WM6, which isn't likely to be an issue becuase your provider may have other WM 6 phones and they will make them compatible if that's the case, which was not the case in Brazil where PPC Phones are yet a novelty, almost a tech nerd thing. Also, flashing different ROMs is very easy. at XDA and here I guess there should be plenty explanation on how to do so (and system requirements such as CID/SIM unlock etc.). One caveat is that you may lose warranty. I believe this should be correct, but if there is any mistake or incongruency somebody pls corrects. I'm no big expert, but I hope this helps.

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