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  1. How does the size compare to the HTC One in use? Too big?
  2. Okay guys, here's a strange one for you. I've noticed that on my iPhone 4 in the last couple of weeks that when I go into iTunes and select "Top Tens" to view the top 10 songs on iTunes, I get a blank page. Thing is, it's not just on my phone as my other half's 3GS is also returning a blank page when trying to look at the Top Ten on hers. I've googled the issue but can't seem to find any reports of others experiencing the same problem. Anyone else having the same bug? I'm in the Uk and on O2.
  3. Hello guys! My contract is up in June after which I will get a new phone. I love my Iphone but like to keep my options open so have started looking into converting my Itunes purchased songs into a DRM free format so I could use them on any new device I decide to purchase. I have flirted with Soundtaxi but it takes ages to convert songs and I understand that the way it does it doesn't preserve the quality of the songs. Anyone got any better ideas for how to free my music? Just to be clear before people start screaming at me about this being illegal; I am aware of the issue of DRM being a shady area, but all I am looking to do is play my music, which I purchased, on my device, whatever device that may be. Any ideas would be most welcome. Cheers!
  4. Must admit, even though there appear to be issues with the G1; having seen one in the flesh now I am really tempted and I dont really know why!! Must be the gadget lover in me! "Oooh! Shiney!"
  5. Registered my interest too, since its free to and there is a prize draw with the possibility of winning one of the blighters! Not sure I would get one though; its a bit chunky for my tastes. Would be interested to see further devices using Android though with nicer looking hardware!
  6. Current phone is a first generation Iphone 8GB which is unlocked, on Orange, and fully jailbroken; thus allowing me to have Swirly MMS on it! I will always have a fondness for Windows Mobile devices, and still regularly come onto this site to see what's new, mainly cause of the community here, but I am so happy with my Iphone I dont see me chopping it in any time soon - its crazy how much I like this thing! My other favourite gizmo at the moment is my Eee PC 901, which had XP on it when I got it, but I have replaced that with Ubuntu Eee (much better!).
  7. Haha! You finally gave in then Confucious! He has fallen to the dark side!!
  8. This may be a reference to the fact that on upgrade, people dont tend to get as good a deal on the handset as they would if they were a new customer. In fact, unless you are on a higher tariff, or are particularly good at dealing with the network and haggling, then you may find that the only handsets free on an upgrade are those that are either lower in spec or older than the phone you have currently! Could be considered a downgrade I would say! The latest and most highly specced phones are rarely free on upgrade unless you spend a lot of money with the network.
  9. Chaser81

    Help Needed

    I recently switched broadband providers from PlusNet to Orange (because its free with my mobile phone). Previously I was using a linksys wireless router with my Plusnet connection, and yesterday I installed the Orange wireless router. I can get my Iphone and my laptop (running on Ubuntu) to connect to the wireless without any problems at all, and my desktop (Vista) will connect and work most of the time, though occasionally it will completely lose wireless reception completely and will not pick up any wireless networks at all, requiring a reboot to fix. The main problem however is my other laptop, which is running on XP (Service Pack 3). This just completely refuses to connect to the Orange router. This laptop doesnt have built in wireless, and instead connects through a linksys WPC54G wireless PCMCIA card. Every time I try and get it to connect, no matter what I do, it just continuously tries (and fails) to connect over and over again. I have tried uninstalling the WPC54G completely and reinstalling it, to no avail. I have looked into the problem and I am wondering if it has something to do with the security that the Orange router uses (by default WPA2). My previous router only used WEP and I never had a problem with it on any of my devices, all of a sudden along comes the WPA2 Orange router and I am having issues. Anyone had similar problems with XP (and for that matter Vista), and have they managed to resolve it?
  10. Okay, really shot myself in the foot last night! Been having problems with my TyTn II over the last few days (wont put calls through, and wont send/receive sms messages). I was cruising XDA-Developers and noted that the Official Orange Radio ROM for new TyTn II handsets has now been updated from the Radio ROM that my handset was shipped with. "Fine," I thought, "I'll update the Radio ROM to the version that Orange is now shipping, that should sort the problem!" As soon as I did so, however, the handset locked itself. I had to pay £20 to imei-check to unlock the phone. All working again now, and the improved radio rom has solved my problems with calls and texts, and I suppose on the plus side I now have an unlocked phone, but what a pain in the ass!! So the word of warning to users of an Orange TyTn II is flash the ROM if you want, but dont change the Radio ROM whatever you do, cause you will lock your handset and the only way to get it unlocked is with the unlock code, which will mean paying for it!!!
  11. Well, I have only just found this topic, and I am kinda glad I didnt see it before I flashed my Orange TyTn II. It might have put me off! I have an Orange TyTn II which is still locked to Orange. Yesterday I flashed it to Dutty's Hybrid ROM 4, and it works brilliantly. No issues at all. I now have an Orange free device which works and responds much quicker than it used to. It should be noted that the ROM I flashed my device to did not include a new radio, that may be the common thread which is causing people problems. Now that I have seen this topic, I will not be changing the radio on mine.
  12. I thought it was time that I added my two pence worth on this whole debate! I have long been a user of windows mobile devices, I have had nearly all of the SPV's from the original through to most recently the HTC STrTrk, and I have had quite a few PPC devices as well. I had an I-Mate Jam, a Kjam, and an HTC Touch and now I have an HTC Kaiser, and I have to say.... I love it, and I honestly don’t know what all the fuss is about. I know that windows mobile devices sometimes lag a little when opening programs or starting up processes for the first time, its something that I expect from having used so many WinMo devices previously, and the Kaiser isn’t any different, but I have to say that I haven’t noticed it lagging any worse than previous devices. With regards to video performance, I am not someone who puts TV episodes and films onto my Kaiser, primarily because there isn’t an easy way to do it, and I cant be arsed to spend hours encoding DVDs and the like on my PC, I have better things to be doing with my time. I use VTap for looking at the odd YouTube video when I am in range of a WiFi hotspot, and every time I have done so, its worked fine, and I have had no complaints about the video playback. In fact my ONLY complaint about the Kaiser is PIE, because I think it’s a rubbish, outdated web browser, which Microsoft should have updated long ago. As a result of which however, I don’t throw a paddy at Microsoft, I simply use Opera Mini instead at the moment, and wait with baited breath for SkyFire to come out in the European territories. So let me be the one person on here besides Paul to say that if HTC released some magic patch making everything go that much faster, I am hardly likely to complain, but mean-time, I love my Kaiser to bits and cant see what all the shouting and screaming is about. Obviously this is just my opinion, which is likely to get savaged by zealots, but I don’t care.
  13. I have an Orange Tytn II and have no play at all on the Dpad or softkeys. Had mine for about three weeks, and havent been particularly careful with it (havent used the case, and have just been sticking it in my pocket when I go out).
  14. Hello! First PPC Phone I have had in a while, I am afraid I defected to Nokia for the N95 for a while... Anyways, I note that the HTC Touch has Bluetooth 2.0. This should (in theory) mean that it supports A2DP Stereo Bluetooth. Just want to check before I go out and spend a ton of money on a new shiney headset; anyone know if it definately supports Stereo Bluetooth?
  15. Hey Loukas, I am a seasoned smartphone user, having had the original SPV, SPV e200, C500, C550 and now the Qtek 8500. I have also had an I-Mate Jam and the MDA Vario as well as several other Windows Mobile Handhelds (non phone versions), so I am familiar with both variants of the Windows Mobile OS. I really like the Qtek 8500, I must admit. The Windows Mobile 5.0 OS on the Smartphone is very similar to the PPC version, and i think its only the input methods that distinguish between the two, although others will probably point to a huge plethora of other differences! :-) My main motivation for trading the Vario for the 8500 was size. I really like the MDA Vario, but after a while its size started to become a major issue for me. Although its not massive, by any means, its not that small either, and when you are on a night out with your mates, its a bit big to be lugging around in your jeans pocket! With that in mind, I sold it and got the 8500 instead. Huge difference in size and weight, but thankfully not that many differences in functionality between the two. I dont really miss the WiFi, as I hardly used it on the Vario, and the 8500 has everything else I need in a much more compact package. Hope that helps!
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