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    HTC s710 Disassembly?

    I'm not giving up on it just yet... but I would love to be able to test it before I put it back together again. Wish I knew how to do that! I am pretty sure I connected all of the cables properly, but I must have missed something. Is there a pro assembler here that can redo this for me for a price? I'd like to fix it!
  2. JDRoss

    HTC s710 Disassembly?

    Yes, I did try that... but NOTHING. No response! :( What should I do?
  3. JDRoss

    HTC s710 Disassembly?

    Woah! What? Yes, the LED turns green, then shuts off. The LCD does not turn on. What should I be doing upon first-boot? This is all new to me! Are you saying I should be connecting it via USB to ActiveSync to a PC upon first boot? Please let me know what I should be doing! Thanks, Jon
  4. JDRoss

    HTC s710 Disassembly?

    I just completed the operation myself, and much to my sadness, the phone will NOT BOOT. What should I do??
  5. Hmmm.... I'm having a strange problem. I've installed everything as instructed (using the pop-up menu script), and the problem I'm having is that the URL is not being pasted into OM4. The URL page opens (via script) but pastes nothing into the field and then closes the URL page. So, it seems like on my Vox (WM6, new ROM) the cut'n'pasting bit isn't working properly. Wondering if the new ROM is the culprit (never tried this on the original ROM) or do I need VITO's cut'n'paste application installed? Any info greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jon
  6. By the way, I got too aggressive with the OC speeds and I lost everything. Every time it booted up, it hung immediately. After about 10 attempts at trying to halt the OC during boot, it decided to hard-reset itself and I lost everything I'd done on the phone. It's now back to OEM install. BUMMER! What's the highest safe speed people have found to be reliable on their VOX's? I do have Sprite Backup and I'm doing a restore now, but it's from 2 months ago. At least it's something, and I hope it works... Jon
  7. Hi. Great app! So, question: Is this just like a "skin" (or front-end GUI) for TPC? Or do I need to run Vox-OC in my startup applications and have it running all the time? Or is a one-and-done app once the numbers are set? And, can you note what you changed in the latest version? Changelogs are always appreciated. Any info appreciated... Thanks, Jon
  8. Cyberdude... that's awesome dude! Looking forward to it. Esp since the 'demo' above isn't installing on my Vox for some reason. (?) re: schedule.. that's key! My suggestion would be to enable it to kick off once every hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours, once a day, and weekdays or every day. I personally would pick every 4 hours for weekdays only.
  9. AWESOME! Thanks, and here's to hoping it's a faulty demo!
  10. JDRoss

    S710 backlight - lifespan?

    That is great news, thanks. What are you basing this info from? Official specs for the components?
  11. JDRoss

    Safer overclocking speed for HTC S710

    228mhz is safe. Been running it in the "full power/Power_On.lnk" mode for months with no problems.
  12. I just got a docking station for my Vox, and now that it's standing up while charging at home, I would like the LCD screen to always remain "on" so that I can quickly glance to see if I have any missed calls or voicemails as I walk by. I can set my PhoneAlarm SP to make this happen, but I am concerned about the lifespan of the backlight. I used to do with with my little Nokia 6230 for years and never had a problem. Just wanted to get sense from the experts here -- am I risking the lifespan of my LCD by keeping the backlight ON for 20 or so hours each day? Any info appreciated. Thanks, Jon
  13. Thanks newjohnny... but this is not the WM5 version. It's the older version for PocketPC 2003 and older. It does not work on my WM6 Vox.
  14. JDRoss

    Cracked Screen :-(

    I've seen an OEM case available online, but have no idea how easy/difficult it is to install. Any idea if those of us in the USA can get HTC to 'repair/replace' the case?
  15. JDRoss

    How have you pimped your S710?

    Fixed the spelling, folks. Idle is now spelled properly. Thanks for the feedback, and glad to help. Also, updated the guide to talk about unlocking the phone before it'll work, and the lack of need to install both omap and tornado. Jon

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