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  1. Hey guys. My partner has Iphone and I have android. Everytime i create a game which works on both android and Iphone she can connect to my created game, but i cannot even see her created game if she does it. Ie// We both have UNO :P , i create game she joins. She creates game, the game does not show up on my android. Any ideas? PS. The same thing happens with the game Geurilla Bob, but if she creates game i can manually input her Iphone IP and connect to her created game.
  2. Hey guys. Everytime i receive a pic msg its comes through corrupted. I recieve a pic which is small black and white and well very poor quality. Any1 else had this fault ??? PS. I have a NK6500 Slide.
  3. Hey guys. Looking to find the cheapest deal i can to get my new SE W910i unlocked as im going abroad for a few weeks. Currently locked to Orange UK.
  4. Hey guys. I deal with at least 1customer a month talking about they want to cancel stuff with Orange and the always through some sort of regulations act in my face. Can any1 find the link to the particular regulations act that talks about returning a product within 28days etc. Would be a great help... thx
  5. Best bet mate is going into ur local Orange retial shop and they can tell you where you stand for upgrading. You may eligible for the same stuff as a new customer ;) i know i work for Orange in a retail shop :wub:
  6. Hey guys. Was wondering if this had the built in GPS receiver like the HTC P3600 ???
  7. Hey guys. Got blackberry connect working on my phone but..... im not able to access the internet using this service. I can have all my emails pushed to my device but when i load up Internet Explorer it wishes to connec to my Orange Internet. Any1 know a way around this ?!?
  8. 2 things.... 1. RUU_Trinity_DOPODASIA_WWE_1.23.707.4_6275_1.33.00.11_108_Test 2. BBConnecttrinity I installed both these files and away i went. So easy once you know what BB Connect version to have and what Rom to have.
  9. Howdi. I did find any original rom but when i went to go bk it bricked my phone, of which i was luck enough to unbrick. Why you would want to go bk i dont know.
  10. got the blackberry connect working after i spent 12 hrs trying different OS and blackberry connect versions!! :):D:D
  11. Just thought i would give the latest news. Finally got Blackberry Connect working on my phone. Spent 12hrs trying to get it to work but now i know what to do and is only a 20min job ! :)
  12. Hey. I cant remember how i did it but can sum1 remind on how to display the battery on the today screen instead of the clock. Im not on about the HTC Homeplug but just the little battery that goes next to the network signal. I have the SPV M700......... Thanks in advance.
  13. Any know of any freeware designed for blackberry connect ?
  14. Please ohhh please tell me somebody has managed to get there M700 setup onto Blackberry Connect. Spent over 5hrs trying to and no luck. SUM1 Help...getting frustrated... plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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