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  1. Vanilla installed with BLN patch and my only real issue is that the Video player does not track the position of the video, and so if you return to it, you have hunt to where you left off
  2. hi could you post the new t-mobile radio in the update.zip format ? thanks
  3. Hi, I'm landing in HK tomorrow. Do you mind if I ask how much it was and where you got it from? Regards
  4. Has the Glofiish M800 review been posted, have I missed it? How does this stick up against the M800? Is 64mb of RAM as big a deal as people make out?
  5. Hi, I don't want to hijack the thread, but any news on the M800? Thats the ETEN device that I'm really looking out for? Thanks.
  6. Has anyone on xda dumped the Tytn II rom? If it was me, I would flash my VIII with the Tytn II rom just to debrand it...
  7. DJ_Enigma -> I have that magazine too. It has the Vario III for free on Flext30 and WnW. I spoke to T-Mobile and the guy was aware of it and said the T-Mobile shop should honour it. However the shop I went into didn't have any in stock and when I asked them about it and showed them the magazine off their own shelf they said they had recieved an email about it this morning and they were just about to remove it. I should have grabbed a load then as I am pretty sure legally they have to supply it at the price advertised. I cannot see any small print (but that doesn't mean its not there) I am intrested to know how you get on with T-Mobile on this. I'm going to try my luck when the shops actually have the stock. Regards
  8. Hi Evad, how did your GPS test go in London? whats the reception like, did it hold lock constantly? Has anyone else tried this in a car for navigation? Would be intrested to get some feedback around this. I heard the qualcomm HPS chip isn't that great... Regards
  9. Get in there, just ordered mine too... The guy knew his stuff, told me that for HSDPA you need to have WnW PRO, which is what I went for. It does make the phone more expensive...
  10. The N80 is aweful, I have had it for 1 month and I'm thinking about forking out 399 quid just to upgrade to the M3100... it really is that bad (or is the M3100 really just that good? :) )
  11. I have 16 months left to run on my M500 contract... any ideas on what I am going to pay to get the M5000? Usualy spend 40-60 pounds a month. Been with Orange since 96/97 Looks like I am going to have to wait... ;)
  12. MitchellO, Nice one, thanks. I keep forgetting this is more of a pocket pc than a phone and that the phone can be turned off seperatly. Cheers.
  13. Hi, Questions for those that have an M500... How do you turn it off? It says to turn the phone off you need to hold the power button in for 2 seconds, but I do that and it just turns the backlight off... I can get it to turn the screen off but if I dial it, it rings... How do I actually turn the whole thing off. When it got activated lastnight, it didn't pick up the new signal, so I had to remove the battery and power it back up for it to connect to Orange. Thanks, Ston (Call me stupid)
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