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  1. Just so you know, we discovered a way for the Legend users who weren't able to root before to downgrade to 1.31 and root using your method from there. So far it has been a great success. All we are lacking in now is a plethora of super ROMs! :( Check out the thread @ XDA - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=725430
  2. Good News all!! ROM versions 2.03 and likely 1.32 are now able to be rooted. Check out the thread over at XDA: XDA ROOT THREAD It's not available to everyone yet, but rest assured, It will be soon. :D
  3. We're working on it over here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=725430 Hoping it works out soon!
  4. haha 'they' are us! I've been bouncing from this thread to that one.
  5. that only works after you have rooted the phone. The 'push recovery.img" is the critical step, and it just isnt working. :angry:
  6. yeah, same here. I replaced it with a ROM for the Legend, but it said I didn't have permission. what am I, a child?! :angry:
  7. Yeah when I'm pushing the recovery image I just keep getting an "erase failure" then, oddly, a 'No space left on device' error. ...Another fail.
  8. I'm trying it as we speak. Wish me luck?
  9. ehh... I'd prefer root access. You know, so I can flash these on my legend!
  10. Seriously dude, let it go. It was a comment made in jest. Paul wants to enjoy the sunshine and get all the devices he wants, that's his prerogative. he is under NO obligation to do anything for us. Please allow me to let you in on something. Your comments have by and large been the most detrimental to our cause - You come off as a frustrated toddler unable to fathom why everyone isn't giving him exactly what he wants, when he wants it. Just take it easy! Hell, I wouldn't be rushing to do anything for us either when the loudest proponent is also the least respectful. I check back on this thread to see if any progress has actually been made. When I get an email saying there is a response to this thread, I become hopeful! --- Only to find out it's you flaming someone for an innocent comment. Oh, and I fully expect to get flamed as well, so my apologies to you other hopeful subscribers. By the way ugrubni, welcome to the community. Sorry your first response was so unwelcoming.
  11. He's got one here, if it does happen. That's for sure!
  12. So if I understand this correctly, this works on a rooted Legend only, so that you can flash a ROM from the storage card? And that means this will only work if your firmware is below 1.31, yes?
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