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  1. My Xbox account is my primary one. Didn't have any issues with Zune - apart from the odd app not downloading (unknown error occured), but apart fom that all is good. Now jarred off with T Mobiles reduction of the fair usage policy, as I've only just taken out an extention I'm going to ring them and look to cancel and then go with a different provider. Thanks Jim
  2. I've just received my new phone and have been setting it up this morning. I have inadvertantly deleted my device from my windows live profile - I have 2 profiles and wanted to use it on the other one. However I cant seem to find out how to add the device and also when I click on the 'do more with windows live' link, I get a message saying that "You need a Windows Phone set up with a Windows Live ID to use this site." However the phone is set up with the same account and is syncing with no issues. I've tried hard resetting the phone but this doesnt help either Anyone know how I can get round this. #Edit: for some reason clicking on the link from Zune doesn't work, however if I go to the Windows Live page and select devices, my phone is listed there so not sure whats going on.
  3. Zune 4.7 update is ready for download!!!! This should give the UK access to the Marketplace at long last :)
  4. Having problems with the GPS on my Hero, everything has been working fine whilst on SenseHero 1.6 I then decided to try a 2.1 ROM and couldn't get GPS working so did a full wipe (data/Dalvik and SD Ext) then reinstalled SenseHero 1.6 but since then the GPS doesn't seem to be working. Also tried MCR3.2 Beta but that did the same as well. I've tried Google Maps, Co-Pilot but do not get the GPS icon in the taskbar (have checked to make sure its enabled!!) but Co Pilot reports that a GPS signal has been found and is trying to determine position )have left it a long while (25 mins) and still no joy, wondering if this is hardware related. Any help would be appreciated. Now in the process EDIT: All sorted - reinstalled radio and all is working fine, phewwwww :) Thanks Jim
  5. jim.mason


    If you press and hold the 'cap' button for a , this will lock the input to capital letters only and will stay like that until you press it again. I think this has been the best piece of software I have installed for sometime! Cheers Jim
  6. I thought that had always been the case. I'm left handed and I agree with you - lets hope it gets sorted soon as it would be useful
  7. I've had the same problem since earlier in the week when the east of england had problems with T mobile network. Although I didn't have aqny problems with no signal like others did, I haven't had the 'H' up on the status bar since then. I'll be contacting T mobile tomorrow about my bill and will ask them if theres a problem
  8. Hi Guys, As of last night I finally was allowed to download Record It and Mybackup Pro and have both installed so it would appear that the problem with accessing 'paid for' apps on the market for those who updated their G2's with the recent T Mobile update can now hit the stores again!! Cheers Jim
  9. I'm having the same problem with marketplace after the uppate. One program tells me that there's a problem and that I need to log on at checkou.google.com - I do that and there isn't a problem as far as I know. The other app keeps authorising my card (again!!) and then as soon as the download starts it reports that it was unsuccessful. MAy try and switch over to Modaco rom once there is a fools guide to doing it from the updated T Mob rom. Apart from that its really a massive improvement. The screen is much more responsive and the camera function has been greatly improved with regards to shutter lag.
  10. I was using Dutty's 1.8 but also got hit with the time bomb - panicked me for abit I can tell ya!! Now using V2.1 which so far is great. I did also try a Win 6.5 that is also on XDA but it runs really slow so will wait until newer versions are out. At the moment there isn't a great deal to chose from but would definately suggest a trip over to XDA Developers for some insight. Good lck and hope you enjoy. Jim
  11. All sorted - bloody T Mobile poxy I mean proxy settings !!
  12. I've ben using this on and off on a Kaiser, but since installing on my spangly new Touch HD, it keeps saying their is a problem with the network connection when logging in. I've followed the procedure on the website but still no joy. Also noticed that it didn't mention about installing an equifax certificate as it did on the Kaiser. Any ideas???
  13. I've had this rom on for about a week now and am very impressed with it. Don't appear to be suffering from the laggy behaviour that some are experiencing. One problem I have found is that AppToDate won't run, keeps coming up witha NullReferenceException. Anyone else had this trouble???
  14. I completly agree with your comments too - once you have the phone setup correctly there are very minor changes. Performance increase - what increase, the only change I have seen is in typing using the onscreen keypad Also point out to everyone that this is purely for HTC branded phones, anything supplied from any of the networks cannot be registered at the HTC site and therefore cant download the update. The networks themselves are working on an update (so I understand) and will become available shortly.
  15. Struggling to download this. Everytime I select downloading via the 'free' method it keeps saying there was an error (with no explanation). Anyone else having problems.
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