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  1. I just installed Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager. I just found out that within Outlook there are two seperate Address Books for contact information one called Contacts and now one called Business Contacts. ActiveSync only syncs with the address book called Contacts. I need to sync with both Address Books. There dosen't seem to be away to tell AS to sync with different Address Books. Anyone know if this is true? Anyone know how to tell Microsoft about this issue? Thanks Mark
  2. mark_k

    WM 2003 Instability

    When I had issues after upgrade I did a hard reset and now all is good.
  3. Silent: When the phone rings, just hit any side key to stop the phone from ringing and send it to voice mail. Speakerphone: With the phone closed it's not much good as the microphone is on the inside the flip. Answering phone with flip closed: Again what good is it if the microphone is inside the closed phone? If you are using a head set then that it's doable.
  4. What do you want the side buttons to do?
  5. I have had USB connection working sense November of 2003. My question is about IR. Anyone get IR Modem to work? Thanks Mark
  6. I have just tried this and I can not get it to dial out. I have it set to External Data. I have Connect using set to Modem-Standard Modem over IR link and I tried Infered Modem Poret (Serial 1-0) and I have the IR activated on the phone. My PC can see the phone no problem. Anyone get this to work?
  7. mark_k

    i600 on airplane?

    What are the guys doing in you picture?
  8. mark_k

    i600 on airplane?

    Even though you can put it into flight mode, you may get some complaining from the flight attendant(s). SJ, what are those guys doing? :roll: By the way, I'm from CT also.
  9. Please post what your Version info is from you phone. Go to the version ifno screen.
  10. Wow good for you, all that from T9. Man you are good.
  11. This is a known issue with the 2003 OS. I think that either MS or Samsung is working on a fix. Ihas been discussed either in this forum or other forums.
  12. Make sure that the phone they send you has both the PDA and the Phone upgraded. Oh by the way,There is no excuse for Verizons bad technical servoce for this device. They need to get out of the business of selling these phones if they cant service them. Let other companies sell us this devices so they can service them and let Verizon just sell us the cell service.
  13. I have said it before, Verizon should get out of the hardware business and just be a cell phone service provider. Let other companies that sell computers sell and support the hardware. At least on the level of "SmartPhones".
  14. Change activesync to only sync on demand. It may be waking up to close down programs that you have used recently but are still in memory.
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