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  1. charlie-i600 please write, can you : 1) send/recive mms 2) browse www via IE 3) make videocall ? do You have configured wapenc and proxy server ?
  2. is it 4GB card or less ? can you read 512mb card on device or none ?
  3. The problem you had described mayby is caused by setting for ringtone "incresing" Try check this: 1) Start -> Settings -> Profiles 2) Chose the profile you use, for example "normal" 3) Press Menu -> Edit 4) Go to option "Alarm Type" and change from "Incresing" to "Play sound" Did it help ?
  4. This option is in windows program ActiveSync, not in i600. You are right I'd added this to instruction in top. Thanks for info.
  5. Right, i've updated info. - download XXGD1 update, unpack file i600XXGD1_REV15.exe - connect usb cable to PC, ActiveSync must find device, - go to options and disable: usb connection - turn off device "power off" - turn on to boot mode by hold 3 keys shown on picture below - run i600XXGD1_REV15.exe and press start button to start upgrading
  6. How to make proper upgrade my i600 device to WM6Standard What you need to know before start: - update won't work in Windows Vista (boot loader can't find files) - for some case samsung modem driver should be instaled before upgrading from earlier versions - phone must be charged to full (3 bars) - eject miniSD card. - get write S/N phone - don't unplug phone while upgrading - don't try to upgrade i607 with i600 roms - do it on your own risk 1) First, you need to upgrade i600 to XXGD1 version - download XXGD1 update, unpack file i600XXGD1_REV15.exe - if it's your first upgrade, you should install samsung modem driver - connect usb cable to PC, ActiveSync must find device, - go to options and disable: usb connection - turn off device "power off" - turn on to boot mode by hold 3 keys shown on picture below - run i600XXGD1_REV15.exe and press start button to start upgrading - wait till end after time counting digits (about 5min) 2) Settings to upgrade i600 do WM6 I. Downloading WM6 upgrade - go to page: http://www.samsungmobile.com/promotion/i600/index.jsp - chose for example Sweden - type serial number: i600XXGD1 - next fill registry form, with proper S/N number (remember to type it in capital letters). Number could be found under battery S/N. - download from site 3 files Samsung modem driver http://fus.samsungmobile.com/i600/Samsung_..._modem_4.34.zip ActiveSync 4.5 http://fus.samsungmobile.com/i600/ActiveSy...glish_setup.msi i600UXXupdater.exe http://fus.samsungmobile.com/I600/i600UXXupdater.exe - unpack and install Samsung modem driver (run setup exe) - install ActiveSync 4.5, after that check if device is finding by connect to PC II. Changing phone version to Netherlands (panateo method discovered) - type on phone *#1546792*# (or run hidden program in WindowsAdminSettings.exe) to get to admin settings menu - chose option "Preconfiguration" - type password: *#81230*# - select country: Netherlands - select operator: Vodafone Done, phone will reset. III. Upgrading process - run file i600UXXupdater.exe - select English language - connect i600 to PC (device must be found by ActiveSync) - select all checkboxes and click "Verify device" If You get message "Incorrect software version" , unplug and plug again usb cable, and click again "Verify device". - after that you should se windows with information "Device id verified" - on phone, there appear graphic information, to press and hold: "left menu" + "camera key" - phone will restart and should run in boot mode. If not, then turn off, and hold "power" + "right soft key" + "camera key / back key" to run boot mode You should see updating on phone screen On PC would be something like this After all complete, wait (about 5 min) to load phone, and automatic preconfiguration. Other information: Cardwell Plugin and Piscel Viewer is present Pda/phone/eboot version: i600uxxgg2 It has other language to chose after install from regional settings Changes: - faster - new icons and look - easier navigation and use contacts/calendar - and many more Other faq's: 1) What to do if my phone is a brick by flashing with wrong rom? Solution: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=...st&p=823872 2) What is the passoword for Internal menu in Admin settings? Paswword: bj3open
  7. To make video calls You need: 1) have 3G on phone (icon) 2) type number You want to call 3) go Menu -> 5 Videocall
  8. When I go to "Settings" -> "Security" -> "Reset" , and try to hard reset the machine, it fails. it has the same effect as remove battery - it doesn't reset phone software. I post You on pm pass for "internal" menu when You can reset other options.
  9. try type i600XXGD1 - it will make your way to second site with registry form, and at 3rd step to dowload.
  10. You must enable 3G to make video call. Try to make video call when you see 3g icon -other way it will be not possible. This depends of operator too.
  11. jackylui - did you try to reset eboot data before flash, and load working boot file ? I will post you PM with the solution how to fix this problem, mayby this will help.
  12. I would be careful for installing unknown software update linke i600_UXXGG2 - doesn't work with my i600 (XXGD1) - it freez in boot. Manualy changing strong SW Version in registry wont help either, to get update to wm6. Like hepics says, the fastest way to get wm6 update for people who see message "Incorect Version" in updating program, is to extract bin files for eboot, pda and phone and then load it manual to i600 :) So keep waiting.
  13. Hidden link for other version is here: http://www.samsungmobile.com/promotion/i600/net/sub01.jsp Faq how to update: http://www.samsungmobile.com/promotion/i60...ntroduction.jsp After registry on site, you must enter S/N typing it on capital letters Active sync 4.5 UK http://fus.samsungmobile.com/i600/ActiveSy...glish_setup.msi Interesting is that this site is avalible only to 31st October ?
  14. Good work! I was waiting 2 months This two up looks good Aoi Akujin, add this manual to wiki.
  15. Did you try SmartToolkit ? could be download from: http://www.e-natives.web.id/
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