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  1. Make the UI more snazzy looking and let us be able to use it as a today plugin would be sweet!
  2. pmerritt

    SSEYO miniMIXA Released!!

    In reply to this link. I did buy the full program and I still stand by what I said. Please don't misunderstand me, for what this program is doing on a phone, it is simply amazing. But, there are some things that could be done to make it even better. I have been speaking with Tim Cole at SSEYO about some of my observations and he has told me of some things i could do to overcome some things and explaiined some of the technical limitations because of the phone itself. as far as saying i was a little disappointed maybe that was worded a bit too harsh but i have really been anticipating this release for a long time and i just thought i would be able to make longer tracks. which Tim informed me that you can indeed make longer tracks by using your own samples. This is fine with me and i do plan on trying it out. I'm not sure about the coding that was done for this program but the only reason I thought $20.00 was high was because even most really good games released aren't priced at $20.00. I just thought it was kinda high for a smartphone app but i'm no programmer and have no idea what kind of manhours were spent coding, debugging and play testing this program so, i'm quite possibly wrong.
  3. i downloaded this and it is a very cool application but it's very, very limited. Don't get me wrong what it's doing and on a smartphone is pretty amazing but you can only create very small sound files (4 measly bars). The Default sound kit is very limited and has some fairly cheezy loops and riffs and the kits on the web are $10.00 and don't show you what is included in the kit. No Hip-Hop or RnB kits at this time either. All in all i'm just a little disappointed because it's not really worth $20.00 imho.
  4. pmerritt

    SkyForce public beta

    extracted the data from the cab and renamed the files per the above post and demo runs very good and very smooth on my i600. You guys just need to work on the installer. I wish i had a gameboy style magnifying glass for my screen though.
  5. pmerritt

    SkyForce public beta

    installation does not work on my samsung i600 with 2003OS
  6. pmerritt

    Best Smartphone for Gaming?

    the i600 is very good as well
  7. pmerritt

    Anyone get the 2003 upgrade to work?

    I finally got mine to take and i had the WH04 software. I haven't noticed the differences yet because it just worked for the first time. I tried it at least six times before it decided to work. Also, there seems to be more than one image floating around. the one that worked for me is named. WM2003_i600.img
  8. pmerritt

    2003 update for i600 on July 12th?

    I wonder how Verizon can REQUIRE for you to pay $15.00 for the OS upgrade. Something about that just sounds wrong, I don't ever remember anything in the contract that even covers something like that. I'll be getting the upgrade of course but I just don't like when companies force you to pay for things.
  9. Buy.com has them. get it quick before they run out
  10. pmerritt

    Bejeweled for Smartphone?

    Bejeweled is out and has been for some time, it's just not actually called bejeweled. Check out Smartphony a bejeweled clone.
  11. pmerritt

    i600 Holster - holster and case discussion

    nope, it's pretty easy you just have to get the case on really well first
  12. pmerritt

    Smartphone Thunderhawk Beta available

    This program isn't gonna go anywhere. at 49.95 and $6/month or $50.00/yr i don't see many people picking this up. Or it will end up being cracked or something.
  13. pmerritt

    Flashing Yellow light on cradle

    the contacts are building up carbon. just use a regular pencil eraser on then (lightly) and all will be well.
  14. pmerritt

    i600 Holster - holster and case discussion

    verizon offers a very nice case that i use. it works with the standard battery and the extended battery.

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