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  1. I am using the Modaco custom rom after playing around with a few ICS roms... OK, so the Samsung app that pops up on double-clicking the home button is practically useless. So I figured I would try the full on Vlingo from the market place. Seeing as the Samsung app is just a rebranded older version of vlingo I hoped it would update, but no - it's installed a separate app. Fine... In the settings I have chosen vlingo as the default speech interface app. No joy - I still get the old samsung app! I have tried freezing the samsung app - and this just disabled my double click entirely. Can someone please let me know how to accomplish what I want. I am 99% sure I did it before somehow before I started playing with roms. Cheers
  2. Cheers, the one I posted above had no access to the market :(
  3. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1451346 Seems good
  4. I've just installed Gary's rom, and while it's nice and VERY stable, it has TouchWiz built in. Are there any stable roms without TouchWiz on ICS?
  5. Rob... I'm a bit confused about the in-car holder you have... Audio is routed through the USB? How's that work? Where do I plug my 3.5 jack? Can you take a pic or such please? Morevoer, is ALL audio routed this way? Music, navigation, os noises, calls? Cheers mate!
  6. Is there a way to remove all the Samsung nonsense from the phone and go to a more "native" android environment? Ta
  7. Off the back of this thread, I have just ordered - as I'd rather have the current processor than the Tegra 2. I'm not a phone gamer!
  8. I bought an iWant stylus from PCWorld. Piece of crap, doesn't work, can click but can't long-hold and/or drag.
  9. Sorry for the delay, yes it all works, even some of the "custom" buttons.
  10. Cheers for that. I may be wrong, but isn't the Tegra2 technically a lesser processor?
  11. Struggling to find anything online stating this. Why on earth would they do this??? :P
  12. Who told you that? Do you have a source? I 100% disbelieve this hw change.
  13. I am getting a Galaxy S2 to replace my ageing iPhone 3Gs, am a fan of Android now it has matrued enough, and am really keen to replace as many features as possible that I currently take for granted. One such feature is in-car use. Let me explain: 1) I use it for playing music 2) I use it for navigation 3) I use it to take calls I do this by taking a 3.5mm cable from the iPhone's headphone port into the 3.5mm input in my car's aux-in port. Easy enough so far. When music plays - it plays via my stereo. When navigation announces, it announces via my stereo. But onto calls... A call comes in. The music fades down and I press answer on the phone. I hear the person speaking via my stereo as the sound is sent over the 3.5 into my aux-in. Again, so far so good. But how do they hear me? The mic on the iPhone is pretty good and mroeover DOESN'T cut off when a 3.5mm jack is inserted. Note: I am not putting the iPhone into speakerphone mode or such, basically as far as it knows - there is a headphone inserted and nothing more. So my caller hears what I say, via my standard in-call mic input. NOT ALL PHONES WORK THIS WAY. The ZTE Blade, for example, will allow me to do the same thing, literally swap out the iPhone for the Blade, and I can still hear everything just fine - except when I take a call, the internal mic seems to either not hear me or not hear me well enough, or cut off...? It's like it requires an in-line microphone on the headset cable. Can anyone please advise?
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