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  1. Paul, It does work for the Dutch 16-key Touch DUal but.. strangly it influences the hardware keypad mapping. It turns into the 20-key qwerty-layout after selecting the Dutch laguage. Is there any way to modify that?
  2. Well, this does install ok on an HTC Touch Dual. I can select the additional languages but... since I use the 16-key version (so no qwerty-like keypad, but a phone-like keypad) it doesn't work! It works as if there's a qwerty keypad 920-key) present. Anybody has any idea??
  3. My point is: my i600 had a i600XXGC2 firmware (WM5) and I updated using the i600UXXupdater. The U only appears in the firmware version AFTER updating to WM6. So my guess is that the U refers to WM6. Afaik there is no WM5 firmware (at least in Holland) with a U. People started mentioning that you shouldn't update with the "U-updater" if you were running an XX firmware: I don't think that's true. That easy :) Anyway, it's not that important, is it? Probably the other updates will be availabel shortly so patience is the key. My i600 runs WM6 (i600UXXGG2) and I'm more then happy with it! It's a nice improvement in many fields.
  4. I doubt that. I have an original Dutch i600 but it ran i600XXGC2 (as I understand G=year=2007; C=month=march; 2=version) previous to the update. Where does that story about the i600UXX etc come from anyway??
  5. Hahaha, what about that... Curious if that will work. By the way: Spanish is included in my ROM... so it could work... Anyhow, good luck on your "hacking"!
  6. Wow, how friendly. No offense meant. I did by the way update both using the unofficial updater for previous WM5 releases and this WM6. Ah, I see, I'm probably right. Well that's a start... thanks! No it doesn't. You have to put the device into bootloader manually. The difference is that you are guided by on screen instructions how and when to do so. Yep. And unbranded, which seems to be important. Oof, it's not a personal thing... :P That seems highly unlikely. Try to manage that from Samsung's point of view. If you have the direct link to the Dutch updater (and - Like bryanz states - the Russian updater since it links to the same file as the Dutch one), you'll find out that it is still online at Samsung. IMHO, the other "flags" will be activated when the countries involved have there website in local language finished. Or there might be some other things that should be organised before launching the site (and thus recieving requests for support...)
  7. No Turkish included. Performance: overall it's faster. Much better bluetooth functionality. New icons. Looks good!
  8. Well, when upgrading to WM6 it DOES use the bootloader. In fact, the phone shows the same screen as it did wwhit previous updates to WM5 roms... So, I can't figure out why the ActiveSync is that important... Well, it's very long so I'm not going to repeat it here... but I guess it is the same as in the WM5 ROM. Any particular language you're looking for? That would be easy to check.
  9. Did you try switching your regional settings to Dutch? If so, then I guess patience is the key...
  10. Hmmm... my final shot: try setting the regional settings (start->settings->more->more->1)on your I600 to "Dutch (Netherlands)" and your language to US English. That's how mine was configured. If that doesn't work, I'm out of ideas... Sorry. Jawohl!
  11. I suggest we talk on in the other topic... I'm getting dizzy switching :)
  12. Although it doesn't make much sense to me, I read on a Dutch forum somebody didn't use the ActiveSync version that's on the Samsung site (but a MS ActiveSync 4.5 download instead) and it didn't work. In fact, he had the same error you have! After he downloaded the "Samsung" ActiveSync, he managed to update... silly perhaps, but worth a try maybe? ActiveSync-according-to-Samsung can be downloaded here: http://fus.samsungmobile.com/i600/ActiveSync_Dutch_setup.msi Also in Dutch, but you'll manage :) By the way, I updated in Dutch but I run my I600 in English... Good luck!
  13. No offense meant, off course... :) Any way, reading your story I wonder what error you see? Does it appear when you run the updater telling incorrect version or something? And yes... I was right on time. But it floats around the Internet now, I guess...
  14. Did you use the AS version from the Samsung site AND the modem driver? I read that you should use exactly those two to succeed. Where does it stop? Can't you download the updater at all or doesn't it run the update?
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