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  1. where can i find more skins? Great work on this one, by the way.
  2. Hey all, I have a big problem. Since I can't charge my phone using the wall charger, I charge my mpx220 through the computer. But about a week ago my computer just stopped recognising it. I mean, when I connect the usb cable to the phone and then the PC, NOTHING happens! The PC doesn't even say anything! I have tried: a master reset on my phone, using different usb ports, uninstalling drivers for the USB, taking the battery out of the phone and connecting it. I even tried using a different computer, but nothing! It's almost as if the cable is messed up, but that can't be because I never abuse it or anything. Please help, my phone is now dead, and the wall charger is not working much.
  3. duhfonz

    MPX220 not upgrading rom

    Hey, can someone PM me the place where I can find the Generic 1.49 ROM? I really need it, but I can't find it anywhere! thanks.

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