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  1. I have this problem also. The only work around at the moment is to split the maps in to pieces smaller than 100mb. This is done easily by just saving the visible portion of the map to your PDA. I have the lake district for instance saved in two seperate portions.
  2. I have found an answer FM transmitter. £5.00
  3. I have a Htc HD which I use in the car with Tomtom and Cameraware. The problem is the inbuilt speaker volume is very poor compared to my old M700. I have seen bluetooth stereo speakers that can boost the volume of incoming calls and stereo music. Would these also amplify my Tomtom and cameraware voices or is there some other solution? Any help please?
  4. I have not tried Utube up until reading your post because of the amount of data it uses. I have tried it now though and it is pretty smooth. It used 6mb of data in about a minute though. I am on a 500mb package but that wouldn't last long using Utube. Unless you have a truly unlimited package I wouldn't bother. Use Broadband. There are quite a few odd things about this phone. But third party software sorts most of them. I find the wifi connection to my router pretty hit and miss but I think it depends on the model and make of your router. I was a bit reluctant to change from my M700 Smartphone. But now I am glad I did. I have had to replace most of the software though to newer versions for windows 6.1. I now think that this phone must be one of the best about at the moment. If not the best! If your video is slow make sure nothing is running in the background. With the touch screen, and if it is in your pocket you can find that lots of programs are running without you starting them.
  5. Thanks for this! I am trying to use a bluetooth earpiece. I wanted to find out before I bought stereo ones. I didn't realise that they were different in how they work. Cheer's I can order some now!
  6. This might be a daft question but how do you listen to music through a bluetooth headset. I start the music player but when I turn the earpiece on it tries to make a call and I hear the music. Then the call fails and the music goes back to the internal speaker. ????
  7. Thanks for this info! I had just upgraded my contract with My Touch HD. I got no bundle. Everytime I tried to connect to my router through wifi it connected to Orange instead. I have just rang them and they say I am paying something like £2.75 per mb. I have allready used 3mb without intending to. I mentioned the 500mb for £5.00 and they have put me on it from today. It's a real bargain when you look at the individual price per unit. I don't see how they can warrant the standard charges!
  8. Thanks for that. I don't see the difference to them from using the phone or using your lap top through it. I would still be only using the same amount of time on the internet as there is a fair usage policy.
  9. Thanks for all your replies. I am on the £5.00 evening and weekend Orange Internert access only. Does anyone know if I will be o/k on this or if I will be charged. I only want to use the lap top because of the larger screen.
  10. Can anyone tell me how to use my M700 pocket pc as a modem for my lap top to connect to the internet. I have a bluetooth dongle for my lap top. I have used my lap top through my pc before but I have forgotten how I did it. I take it I will need different software that will run on my M700? Thanks Simon.
  11. Greattt! The registry alteration did work. I hadn't rebooted my phone after the editting! Hope this post might help somebody else.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I have found that it is sygate firewall causing the problem. There is a registry solution for it for some c600s but it doesn't work on mine. Probably because it has the latest version of software. http://www.spv-developers.com/forum/archiv...php?t-1456.html
  13. I find that my E200 connects ok. So it looks like activesync doesn't play with the c600. Has anybody got activesync working with a c6oo?
  14. I have a c600 and activesync 4.2. I can't get it to connect properly. The device is seen and a window pops up receiving settings but it stays on this. Any help please.? I was using bluetooth but I can't get the dongle to be seen by the software since I re-formatted. I had a job last time.
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