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  1. For me, Android only starts when I activate the phone part in Windows Mobile, but don't enter the PIN code. That is, my phone is running, but I'm not logged into any provider network. In any other state, Android keeps hanging in "Android on Omnia II Loading ..." Try it.
  2. Well, sorry for pushing this up again. Unfortunately, I couldn't manage to fix this yet. Even several new installations didn't change anything. Mic level is still very low and pulsing sometimes. I did several tests even without any additional programs installed, only native installation. I put it on a class 10 sd card. Any idea for me? Do your microphones work all fine? Are you able to make phone calls without problems? If I call someone, they always proclaim my voice very low.
  3. Unfortunately my microphone level is still very low at CM Beta1. Topic search said mic level issue should have been fixed with beta3 already. Does anyone have a hint for me? I have JJ1 phone firmware under WinMob in use, other firmware parts are rather old level (work for me). I tried to play around with the .bin firmware files, but that didn't help at all.
  4. For me WiFi didn't work as well in the beginning. Connection to my WPA2 secured network was okay and I got a DHCP IP address. But internet access was not possible. After switching to a static address, together with DNS server setting, the connection worked. I switched a couple of times back and forth between DHCP and static IP. DHCP didn't work , static did. Now, even DHCP does suddenly work. I don't know why.
  5. Great! The best feature for me is the small memory footprint in comparison to the large one of the original mainmenu. That was around 7 MB - for a menu only!! So the 2,5 - 3 MB for this one is a great step forward. Do you really use the cube? For me, that's only a useless gimmick.
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