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  1. I'm facing an issue with YouTube links, when I receive a post with YouTube link, it shows part of it, the end of the link will be full of dots which means it's long... Example: This link " will be shown as "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4hveH2Gp....." So, when I click the link it doesn't take the whole URL... It just take as "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4hveH2Gp....." which is not a correct URL in YouTube... Any solution for this...
  2. Thanks Rodrigofd, your ROM is the best so far... Awaiting Beta 2 ;)
  3. If I delete the 3 dll files from Game folder under Program files, the game start with no pictures. If I keep the files, the game is very slow? Can you please advice about the final solution?
  4. Hi, I have Omnia i8000 with WM6.1 and PDA: I8000JPIJ3 CSC: I8000XSGIJ4 Phone: I8000XXIJ2 The most important files I need from the device is the Arabic Support ones since it is a Middle East release and has the Language files there... So, please advice... I downloaded WinHex and open "My Storage", but it has one partition only which is the un-hidden one with my files, and I could not get the hidden partition...
  5. I'm disappointed with WM6.5 as well... As you said Yohng, it is lower in Speed and memory than WM6.1... WM6.5 is like Vista, think it will be failure unless MS releases new faster release with less memory usage :)
  6. I managed to install and configure M2D on my Omnia i8000 with the following procedure: http://translate.google.com/translate?prev...t.php?p=1313740 some screen shots from my device
  7. Thanks a lot... But, the good thing of "Quran Viewer" over "Pocket Islam" is that the first one had an identical copy of the Holy Quran Pages which makes the chance of any mistake like 0%... While Pocket Islam does not... also, I'm not sure about "Pocket Islam" correction certification from KSA or Egypt Islamic Center.
  8. You just lose the fancy start menu... You do not lose Widgets...
  9. Soft Ring for initial few seconds solution is not working with this ROM :)
  10. I got iPhone 3GS after Omnia II as a gift... Used it for 12 hours only, then get back to my Omnia II since I found iPhone is meant for low-end users...
  11. I did that using Advance Config 3.3... Threaded mode is not compatible with the Samsung App...
  12. When I receive couple of sms from a contact, I can only read the last one, even if I click on the old one, last one opened!!! How can I read the pre-last msgs?
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