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  1. hi. thank you for your ROM. I have installed it since feb in more than 5 veersions. yesterday i installed one that the keys did not work... none of them except the NO key. but on android that i have already installed they all work, so it is not hardware problem. can you help me a little bit?

    Thank you very much for your help

  2. I don't want you to redesign.... I just wanted to point out that the first post looks too much like mine and you could use some originality. That's all. p.s. That taskbar you're using.... with the 1% battery and charging icon that way it is (no bars on each side of the charging plug), is actually mine not tsowen's. I think it's safe to say you simply copied that DLL from my ROM...
  3. So what are you saying ? That file has been in my ROMs for YEARS. Long before you even knew what a mobile phone was... let alone cook ROMs. :D
  4. I just noticed the "MS TEAM" thread. Their first post is almost an exact replica of the first post in my thread. Why can't anybody be original these days anymore ?!
  5. You know.. I just noticed your thread. Did you REALLY have to copy the format of my thread, down to the download buttons.... picture arrangements... flavor descriptions.. etc ? Is there no originality in you guys ?
  6. The ROMs are fixed and will be uploaded shortly. The problem was... I put too much crap in the ROM and therefore it wont boot, because there's no storage space available for the kernel. So, I removed some of the crap I added... and now all is good.
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