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  1. What utp means is his phone was hung on the booting screen that cannot use the phone function to dial the code.
  2. Stephen, which country of Samsung were you ask for information? Can ask Samsung UK?
  3. Our problem not only on the screen but the keyboard/other hardware key also freeze.
  4. Anybody tried this method? http://www.ppcsg.com/index.php?act=ST&...220#entry699195
  5. I have returned my phone to Plemix to fix. I suggest to install either http://www.pocketvnc.com or http://www.mymobiler.com/ 1G84*?% before everything installed so that we can have a backdoor to control the phone.
  6. May I know what is "Then i retired the 780 three days ago and now it's working."? How can it be done?
  7. No, Since my touch screen and keyboard has no response......, I can't access the phone now :D :( :(
  8. May I know what is your problem lead you to hard reset yours?
  9. I got my SGH-i780 2 days ago. Now I don't know which program caused my i780's touch screen and keyboard have no response. :D :( :( But the phone can still boot up. Anybody knows how to hard reset it during bootup? Thanks in advance!!!!
  10. After flash my i600 with this ROM, my "Picsel Viewer" was expired. When open my Excel files, it displayed "Your license to use Picsel Viewer has expired. Picsel viewer will now close". Is it normal? Anybody got the same problem?
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