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  1. Surely one of our main interests in the Windows Mobile community is developers releasing useful and free software for our mobile devices. PocketMax Software has done so by publishing a small and simple application intended for PPC Phone devices called Redial. Basically "Redial" enables automatic redialing when the line is busy while trying to make a call, the number of attempts and intervals in between them can be configured using the settings screen. Making things more efficient, this app is intended for multitasking meaning you can leave it in the background and be notified only when the call will be initiated. You can all try out this small tweak for free by clicking on this link.
  2. One of the major drawbacks of Microsoft's latest OS was the decision to leave out Activesync WIFI support as a security precaution (synchronization data is not encrypted). Thanks to Jaap Van Ekris, a Microsoft MVP based in Holland, there is now a secure and effective way to synchronize your WM5 device with Activesync using WIFI technology! Follow the instructions carefully, and please note this has not been tested on a Smartphone so your feedback would definitely be appreciated on the matter. Note: in case you have a firewall installed on the computer, you will need to change Activesync rules in firewall settings to allow connections to all IP addresses to default address. Pay attention that your PPC is setup as MY ISP/Work in CONNECTION settings.
  3. Its quite odd that this title has been out for over a month now and hasn't grabbed our attention yet. :shock: MotoGear is a mobile version of the Elastomania stunt bike action game available for the PC since way back claiming huge success worldwide. The game features more than 100 different scenarios to complete, an online highscore board and high quality "retro style" graphics. You can try out demo Smartphone and PocketPC versions of this game or purchase the game by following this link.
  4. A French company called Parrot which seems to specialize in vehicle oriented PDA solutions, has just released a new handsfree kit powered by bluetooth technology combined with a GPS module for all of you navigation junkies out there. The device named Parrot 3400 LS-GPS features a high quality LCD screen which displays the calling device phone book and can be fit into any type of car. The integrated GPS has been tested to work with Symbian based smartphones using Route66 software and with a couple of PDA's sporting the HP iPAQ brand while running Mapsonic, NaviGon and TomTom Navigator. These are certainly good news for PocketPC and Symbian smartphone users but what about proof of this package running on MS Smartphone? :cry: Your feedback would be appreciated if you have some light to shed regarding this matter. It also appears Parrot has a couple of representatives around the world - including the UK. This product is supposed to be officially launched at the upcoming CES 2006 show so keep your eyes open for this one. ;) For more information about this product click here.
  5. The good folks over at Sprite Software have announced the release of a Beta version of their excellent backup tool suited for WM5! Unfortunately, the long awaited release of a client supporting Smartphone devices hasn't happened yet and only PocketPC users can try out this new version. The beta is intended both for QVGA and VGA screens and is supposed to bring all the great qualities of recent versions of the backup utility software to Microsoft's latest Operating System. Lets keep our fingers crossed that a smartphone version will be released soon. Meanwhile, you can check out the relevant download links at the company's discussion forum.
  6. Hey, is it possible to dump a smartphone rom with a nbf file extension using a sd in the bootloader mode (like doing with winhex and a bin file?) i need a way to install a rom using the device itself and no PC installer please help Eran
  7. I've got 'Iron Maiden - The trooper' on my spv converted from some midi. I put it on really high quality (2.5mb on my 256mb SD!) very cool :lol: i had the barthez one before Eran
  8. Hey midnight, Thanks a lot and sorry for your frustration im an idiot because i put instead of / thanks again and update me privately about the design :wink: Eran
  9. midnight I think you should try installing and uninstalling yourself, you can see it won't identify ringtones from the storage card anymore only until you reinstall the southfart package please fix this Eran
  10. I've been having a problem here, after installing this theme i reinstalled it using remove programs menu since then my ringtone is no longer playing (its on my storage card) and each time i try to modify ringtone0 on regedit it goes back to xtralarm2.mid and uses it as a ringtone This as only been happening after i installed the southpark theme please help Eran
  11. I know this has been requested by some users recently but i would like to open this thread in request of someone making a seek/navigation bar for the windows media player. Possibly integrated into a skin? What do you think? Regards Eran
  12. Hi 'Kingdom Master', what do you mean? you mean im supposed to transfer some files to make it overclock? Please expand on this as a leading programmer is willing to do this and waiting for some breakthrough in the subject so he can get started Regards, Eran
  13. Yatpeak i'm testing this for myself only. Hopefully to get some benefit for us all with it soon, I'm sure Sendo don't want anything to do with MS by now so thats your answer :wink: Regards Eran
  14. Yatpeak, the sendo is a really cool device. Its OS is terribly buggy but that could be fixed if i reflash it. It seems to be faster and it feels a bit more comfortable compared to a spv. Its joystick is a bit irritating, the screen is similar to the spv's screen but is a little shallowed in which means you can put it in your pocket without a protective case and it won't get scratched. It's speaker is very bad though the quality is horrific. Anyways it seems that it would have been a very nice device but not very useable with this OS. I use it for testing purposes only at the moment Regards Eran
  15. Hi, I have a prototype unit of the unreleased sendo z-100 unit in my hands. It has an ARM 177mhz which is really cool but i have to run some tests to determine that its fully clocked. Anyways does anyone know anyway how i can possibly get into the bootloader over there (wont work like in spv), maybe somewhere in registry? (I've got regedit installed). Also if anyone wants any system files maybe to improve their knowledge or possibly overclock the spv let me know I'd appreciate anyones help Cheers, Eran
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