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  1. Try downloading and installing "NoData" from right here @ MoDaCo. http://www.modaco.com/content/pocket-pc-so...utility-nodata/
  2. Device Name: HTC Touch HD (Blackstone) Operating System Version: Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional ROM type: Custom ROM - Build 21226.5.0.1 Duttys)
  3. I believe that your email service must provide emails in HTML format first. For example, Exchange 2003 only provides in TEXT, where as Exchange 2010 provides in HTML format.
  4. I'm finding this new rom really quite sluggish. Take much longer to start-up after a soft reset, applications appear to take longer to load, loads more "hour glasses", applications often fail to close after hitting X, and it also uses more resources (before average was 36%, now 42%). I do however like the majority of it! Typing in the keyboard is much better, IE6 is good, only having CF3.5 is great.
  5. Now up 4 me too! I checked JUST before posting my previous comment...so must have been within the last 10 mins! Still, good news...
  6. SAme here...has XDA Forums has been down since early Saturday...Wanted to get this ROM in there...
  7. Yes please, make them uninstallable. As we can all appreciate the beuty of Win Mob is that we can customise as much as we like, and you can't account for personal taste...so as customisable as possible! As for JBlend Java or Jbed Java...personally no preference
  8. Any chance of a lighter ROM version, without things like RSS Hub, Bati, etc. basically, without anything that can be installed at a preference level, but including those that MUST be cooked into the ROM??? Then links to the CABs for the other apps?
  9. As posted a gazillion times (does ANYONE not just try searching before blindy posting?)...try using Gyrator or GSen, so yes, easily possible.
  10. Never had the problem personally...but installed the fix anyway. (Contract free phone)
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