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  1. I would advise against it - my Graphite will not turn on now.
  2. That only happens when you get past the install check, I believe. Anyone who wants the files.. I now have them.
  3. You can easily extract the ROM files from the exe. Simply download ResHacker and open the updater up in it. You will see there is a resources category called ROMS - you can extract the contents to files then but you will need to figure out what each of the resources in the section are and their format - I haven't had time to play with this yet though.
  4. Still no dice with our version of the Graphite.
  5. It's just checking the serial number on the device itself and reporting back - either that or checking the previous ROM version. We've got the Asia-developed (WWE) O2 Graphite which don't match the UK serial numbers. A manual ROM flash would work, but I'd be unsure of if the device supports that kind of flashing or we have to use the O2 Gui. I'd suggest you go and pester O2 Asia like I have been recently so they hopefully release the update (however they've essentially stated there are no plans at the moment - I mean, wtf? Is there any international communication within this company?) BTW, the Graphite is still an XDA device - it's just not an XDA device manufactured by HTC etc.
  6. OK, just a follow up - I've received two replies from O2 Asia about WM6 upgrades for the Graphite. First Email - I don't think they entirely understood my request as they started going on about using unofficial firmware/voiding warranty which had nothing to do with my original questions. Second Email So sadly no planned Windows Mobile 6 firmware upgrade for us existing Graphite users is planned at the moment. :)
  7. OK - Now I am annoyed. After emailing O2 a while ago about a WM6 upgrade/version of the Graphite and they essentially said it wasn't going to happen, I waited a while and around a month ago purchased a Graphite. Now I'm annoyed they've done the WM6 ugprade on the devices but it isn't available from the O2 site for existing owners. [edit] Just emailed O2, we'll see what they have to say. Dumped ROM might be nice if possible?
  8. surfichris

    Windows Mobile 6 on Graphite

    I contacted them a small while ago about this. I received the standard response you'd expect. A little disappointing.

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