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  1. The roms are from TMobile and are the offical ROMS. I've never installed anything other than the official TMobile ROMS. I upgraded approx 4 months ago and all has been well until the last few weeks when this problem has occurred. I can think of nothing that I've installed that could have started this off. I hard reset after installing the WM6 ROM and folowed the instructions fully. I've found that if I set the today screen timout to off the device tends go far longer before crashing which i guess points toward power management. Any ideas? Thanks for your reply so far. Welshgaz
  2. I have a problem with my Tmob MDA Compact III. After using my device for whatever reason, I will come back to it after a few minutes to find that I cannot turn it back on. That is, the screen has turned off as expected, and normally the green flashing led is flashing intermitantly as normal. However pressing the power button has no effect in turning the screen back on. I have checked re battery issues and that seems fine, however this does not happen when it is plugged into the mains. The only way to get back into the device is to remve the battery and turn it back on. I have found when doing this however that the device is far sower to reach the main WM Today screen, especially on the screen prior to the Windows 'loading' screen. I have found that sometimes the screen is not off, but actually dimmed, very low and a dark navy in appearence. Again, the only way to regain control is to remove the battery. I am running WM6 (standard fro TMob) and have only ran the offical ROMs on it. I've not tinkered with the internals at all! I have performed a hard reset of the device hoping that this would resolve this issue but unfortunatly this still continues. I'm stuck now and desperatly after help. Cant afford a new phone and contracts not up for ages yet. Help!! Welshgaz
  3. I'm having problems with my MDA Compact 3 randomly resetting itself. Sometimes it'll turn itself off totally, sometimes, it won't respond to any hard button presses and will not respond to any screen taps. Sometimes when I restart, the date will reset itself to November or September 2006. This is really starting to bug me now as this causing the alarm not to sound and wake me up! ;) Any ideas anyone? Welshgaz
  4. Cheers mate, nearly made a bit of a mistake then!! Think I'll get back onto TMobile - they told me a couple of months back that they aren't upgrading any phones to WM6. Welshgaz
  5. Can I use this on my Tmobile MDA Compact 3? I assume this is just the WM6 software. Do I just run the installer from my desktop now that I have downloaded it, or do I need to wait for an MDA Compact 3 version? ;) Cheers Welshgaz
  6. Got the below email from TMobile yesterday, looks like an upgrade will have to come from other methods then... Thanks for your email Gareth I have looked into your enquiry and it looks like all existing devices will have windows mobile 5 but new devices such as the MDA Vario 3 will have windows mobile 6. We have decided that bringing in new MDA devices that make best use of the features of Windows Mobile 6 is a better use of our resources than rolling it out on existing devices which already work well with Windows Mobile 5. Some customers are asking if they can download the Windows Mobile 6 software from "t-mobile.com" and upgrade their MDA Mail. Customers should be warned that the software is not designed for UK devices and attempting to load it could damage their device and invalidate their warranty. I hope that this information is helpful to you Gareth If you need any further help please call 150 from your mobile phone or 08454125000 from a BT landline where local call charges apply Kind Regards Charlene Barton Customer Services Email Team :)
  7. Is it possible to remove the 'Unread messages' line of the homescreen if there are no unread messages. When I receive a message, I want to be alerted as normal, but when I have no message to rad I want it off the homescreen. I have WM5 and Tmobile Compant 3
  8. I've just discovered Mail2web.com which is essentially a free exchange server service. I've managed to get it to back up all of my contacts and calender to their service via activesync over the air. They will also consolodate all of my email accounts to their service and they can be downloaded by my device via push email. This is a free service and only requires regisrtation on their site. They dont even ask for an email address, just a give a username and password and thats it! IT'S FREE! IT'S JUST WANT I WANTED! GIVE IT A TRY!!!! :rolleyes: Welshgaz :P
  9. I went to Carphone Warehouse a couple of weeks ago and they knew nothing of the Compact 3. They offered it to me on flext 35 free on a new contract and if I took any old phone in they'd give me a a bluetooth headset but I bartered it to a 1Gig card. Went to Tmob shop yesterday and asked about the upgrade cost. I was told £130. I told them about the offer above and asked them if they could match it. I told a white lie and said that the offer was for an upgrade. After a quick call they agreed it, and if I took out the insurance (it can be cancelled for free within 14 days) they'd give me the headset too. I ended up getting the phone for free on my current contract (£30 and £7.50 W&W) with £50 of extras (headset and card). Not too bad!! Welshgaz
  10. How about something like Emoze or similar?
  11. I've just upgraded from a vario to my fourth WM device, a T-Mobile Compact III. Active sync is decidedly flaky for me as I use McAfee as a firewall and there seems no logic in when it will sync. I've decided to manage all my email, calender and contacts from my Yahoo Plus account. I can download my mail onto the phone as a normal email account, but I would like to be able to sync my contacts and calender too. I've looked at emoze but that relies on having my laptop on all the time so its no good for me. What I want is a solution that would allow me to sync with Yahoo without needing a PC. I've searched Google but cant find anything that really fits the bill. I don't really want to pay but depending on whats available I'll consider it. A free service would be best though (of course! :P ). Any ideas? :rolleyes: Cheers WelshGaz
  12. I had my wizard on T mobile for nearly 16 mths now and will upgrade to a compact III in a couple of months, but I'm having a few problems with my wizard. Randomly, the wizard will just turn off. It will happen at any time of day, and usually when its been in standby sitting doing nothing. I thought at first that it could be down to the battery running out, but I'm sure its not now, having tried a few things. Also, not sure if it's linked, but when I turn the phone back on, it loses it's time and date. I keep setting it back to the correct time, but when the phone turns itself off, the time goes wrong again. Help! It's driving me mad! Welshgaz
  13. I found how to here: http://www.modaco.com/T-Mobile-Vario-Dial-Pad-t236729.html Welshgaz
  14. Thanks tsutton, is there any way of doing this without re running the rom install? What I'm after I guess is the differences between the registry of the straight from the factory Wizard and the Vario. I could then change this registy entries. Thanks Welshgaz
  15. Right, I've discovered how to make my vario look better Clicky hereand have got the default dialer pad and got rid of the pink from the TMobile ROM there, but how (without re flashing the ROM and pulling the plug before the TMobile ROM starts installing) can I get my Vario to look like it's got nothing to do with TMobile. I want to get rid of all of the pink and want it to look like a straight out of the factory HTC Wizard. I'm happy with playing with the registry, so anyone out there been playing already?? :) WelshGaz ;)
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