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  1. bhups

    Screen responsiveness?

    Try this: https://market.android.com/details?id=br.shop4apps.touchscreenbooster.com&hl=en Or search "SGS Touchscreen Booster" in the Market. I think it works, and other people have sworn it does. Give it ago!
  2. bhups

    please help I formated my main memory

    Also look at Fards topic on :
  3. bhups

    please help I formated my main memory

    Have you tried to follow the guide on: ? Hopefully, that should take you back to stock so you can fiddle a bit more with your device.
  4. bhups

    android 3.2 vegacomb

    Wow, superb dude! Its got some MEGA QUICK start up! Mine takes forever to turn on using FlashBack! Keep it up man!
  5. bhups

    Anyone got a ROM Dump of the stock ROM?

    Not sure if this will be helpful, but as I dont have the stock rom install anymore, you can find a rooted stock from from: http://blair.be/hannspad/RootedHannspadStock.zip
  6. bhups

    SD-Ext dont work

    It does work!!! Bloody marvelous!
  7. bhups

    state of development

    Also, although I cannot make it out 100%, i think that the HANNSPad is using the Hynix chip as an SSD (http://www.hynix.com/gl/products/nand2.jsp) according to the image on http://www.wirelessgoodness.com/wp-content/gallery/hanspree/2010-12-16_111424.jpg. But then again, I can be completely wrong again.<_<
  8. bhups

    state of development

    I did a bit of digging and found that the HANNSPad is a brother/sister of the Malata A1011 and other tablets listed on http://www.androidpads.com/2010/09/27/the-malata-a1011-android-tablet-aka-flatpad-a10t-luvpad-ad100-e-noa-interpad-hanspree-snappiness-for-around-400/ On the spec for the Malata A1011, it show that the internal storage being used is not a standard SD card, but a iNAND 16GB chip. Is is most likely to be the same on the HANNSPad. After a bit of googlizing, it seems that these chips are soldered to the board. I don't know much about electronics, but this might be a mission to do, or, i'm completely wrong :D
  9. bhups

    SD-Ext dont work

    Just found out that it does not display as sd-ext. Partitioned with ClockworksMod to 4096mb and now in "Manage Applications" and also Titanium Backup, internal memory shows as 4gb. Plenty space to install stuff now! Lets see if it actually works in action... i'm typing this as my titanium backup is being restored back.
  10. bhups

    state of development

    You can see the insides of the hannspad from http://www.wirelessgoodness.com/tag/hannspad/ Its got reasonable pics if you can make out the electronics on it.
  11. bhups

    SD-Ext dont work

    I partitioned my hannspad internal storage at 2048 ext, and when I rebooted it and into TitainiumBackup, it did not read the sd-ext partition and nor did CWM when making backup. Has anyone else been able to do this?
  12. bhups

    Touchscreen responsiveness

    Thanks man!
  13. They say its picked at random. But when u buy it, pit on the notes that you want a 53 model and it might increase your chances. It seemed to work for me. Bought from ebuyer and got 33 model, returned it and bought from ebuyer eBay , pit on notes in capitals I WANT A 1653 model. And I got a 1653 model.
  14. storm3y, have a look at the guide on: slatedroid.com/topic/20232-guide-hannspad-rooting-updated-august-4th-2011/

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