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  1. hi, I have PocketNesterPlus 0.9 and works perfectly but I was wondering if there is an emulator that plays .SMC files. I already know of PocketSNES but the controls, sound, and speed dont work too great. I'm interested in this because I find that it is easier to get the more more popular roms in .SMC format. hmm...is there any way I would be able to get PocketNesterPlus to play .SMC files?
  2. Hi, how anyone gotten PocketSNES to work fully with sound on and good speed? I can only seem to get one working at once but not both at the same time. thanks
  3. Hi, I was wondering if .SMC files work on PocketNesterPlus. So far, I can only get .NES files to work. Is there any way to get my PocketNesterPlus play .SMC files? Also, I've been looking for the games Super Mario Kart and Street Fighter but I cant find them. Does anyone know a website where I can download them? Thank you
  4. Hi, I got the PocketNesterPlus to work on the phone, but how do I get it to work on my storage card? I want to put the games on the storage card but when I try to open a game on the phone, the list is empty. Thank you.
  5. nevermind: I fixed it.

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