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  1. I bought this Energizer one from Amazon. List price $110, got it on sale for $19.98 - shipping to Singapore $18. Bargain at $38
  2. Try installing CNA for Grouper - then download files - you will notice that the files are more than when downloading for Galaxy Nexus - then try reinstalling on JR6. Perhaps Paul may have some ideas and a fix for JR7
  3. I noticed on my GN the files are 300+MB, however on Grouper its closer to 450MB .. YMMV
  4. Did some more testing - finding that ROM has an impact as well. Tried and failed on JR6, AOKP nightlies. Tried CNA 3.1 and it worked. Downloaded and copied the files from when it worked on CNA 3.1. Have reinstalled JR6, installed the APK from market and side loaded the downloaded data back onto sdcard and it ... works!
  5. I have found it depends on where you set locale to. When first setting up this ROM I chose UK (I am in Singapore) and was able to download and install RR2 - however would always get "Country Gateway" error when trying to download Files. I tried VPN'ing into UK, clearing Play Store data, fake set local to UK in Play (these previous steps may not be necessary) and it downloaded fine
  6. Hey Paul, Great ROM as usual. Do you know any way around getting certain games to work. Love NBA Jam, works on Galaxy Nexus but for life of me can't get to run on Nexus 7, even when side loading APK and game files.... long shot, but thought there may be a way round it as you are the king of .apk mods as well as ROMs!
  7. Yes, pulled battery after a minute or two as I wasn't sure .... put battery back in and restarted. Superuser was installed, ran check through SU to make sure latest/root granted etc and it was. Then installed Root Explorer - could access system/app and data/app which you can't do unless you have root (only problem is Root Explorer needs a new release, due to the way that ICS manages apps menus now being hard aligned to right - therefore off the GN screen, should be easy for developer to do though). Then installed Titanium Backup and ROM Manager and all fine.
  8. Can confirm R2 works. After reboot, hung on Google screen. Waited a minute, pulled battery, restarted and SU + Busybox installed + working. Root access granted! Thanks Paul! Great work
  9. Well, I have the *latest* build and the final hardware version with retail keys ... so in essence its retail version. Anything I should look at my version of boot.img?
  10. Tried via your instructions above - hangs on boot screen (Google with unlocked padlock) - bootloader was unlocked. Tried via script on mac was able to reboot by pulling battery and when completed boot no superuser. When I tried via manual fastboot-mac flash boot etc, same thing but this time would not reboot ... so had to manually push the original boot. ... mmm no luck so far
  11. Rock solid performance from GR5 - the first bake didn't have Power control menu even though I thought I did select it. Went back and rebaked another ROM and installed and it was there. With all my ROMS I always do a full wipe, reformat USB storage (all mass storage actually), wipe EVERYTHING and then install - bit more work setting up but is a bit easier to trace back a problem if one arises. So have been using the GR5 kitchen baked rom wonderfully with no issues until Tuesday ... sometimes the 'back/return' soft-touch key on the right hand side of the SGSII stops working. A reboot fixes the problem. It is now happening 2-3 times a day. Anyone else experience it?
  12. Will need to register hxxp://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=388067
  13. Scratch my last note - it came back again for me as well. I bit the bullet and updated the new ROM from XDA developers - the problem doesnt appear to happen with the new ROM
  14. I have had this problem as well. After trying a lot of things, I think I have found something that works... I thought it had to do with the phone always trying to make a data connection before I had time to put in the PIN numbers (one for the phone - work enforces a security policy for Exchange server sync + one for the PIN)... Then I realised that Windows Update is trying to connect to check for new updates - after changing my setting from 'Automatic' to 'Manual', I am no longer getting the PIN notification. Not sure - might work for you?
  15. ... battery drain Annoying having to plug it in each night, just so I can leave on, just to get the alarm to work. IMO - an oversight on MS' part - especially when this is targeted more to the business/traveller.
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