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  1. no ;] I have a better one - but it's not for beginners to smartphone ;] It is known widely as iPhone-like rom on xda-developers Works very fast but text inputting I had to fix
  2. Yep, there are services in WM, but I have no idea how to make them. Otherwise you may want to put your application shortcut into \Windows\Startup folder
  3. it's certain. your microphone is broken. go buy a new one or give it to service centre.
  4. Over a miniSD - yes (I heard it is, but I'm not sure how). Over Bluetooth - certainly not.
  5. bluetooth and activesync... no! First: because it has speed at 115200 bps, but it is not worst. The thing is that my BT router is a PDA... :rolleyes:
  6. It is default saved to /My Documents, and I would like to change it... :rolleyes:
  7. This is a good idea... Thanks :rolleyes: I'll show how it's important to me to track time B) Will discuss that case with'em... Greets ;)
  8. If C500 could be upgraded to WM5.0, so why not? I've heard that WM6 runs really faster than WM5 (i'm not saying it already goes pretty well), but it would be a good deal... and a reason to get higher price when reselling :rolleyes:
  9. Yeah, I don't understand them, either. But you right understood: They just want me to have one phone (SE K700i <_< ) for 2 years... It's a long story... I earned money and bought it, but they still don't think it's right... K700i isn't a bad phone but it isn't smart... I could have W850i or any phone and I would be disappointed anyway. I just need a smartphone, even Canary, anything! Anyway, it's getting better... Greets
  10. I need Widcomm Bluetooth Manager or other method to connect to Bluetooth PAN... I want to share Internet to my smartphone via this! Help me please ;(
  11. Hello, recently I bought a HTC Tornado with my own (hard earned) money... Problem is that my parents don't want me to have a smartphone (?) and are making me sell it... Help me finding arguments to save my Tornado... smartphones and generally windows mobile is my main interest, i have a PDA... but it's good to have PDA and SP... if you CAN afford... and I can because I earned money! Where is the logic? Help me please!! Greetings
  12. I'd like to check if I have EDGE Coverage, or if only GPRS. Is there any way to check it?
  13. OK, if you think so... I can't wait the C600 :rolleyes: straight after it comes I'm installing i-mate rom :P
  14. But, as I like to try everything ROMs that are out, I would ask for other ones :rolleyes: Greetings :P
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