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  1. Wow, this is really exciting. Finally a fast Sense 2.5 ROM for our O2. For those who flashed, how's the battery life so far?
  2. Hi twu2, Tried to download your JD3 rom and got the following rapidshare error msg: "This file is neither allocated to a Premium Account, or a Collector's Account, and can therefore only be downloaded 10 times. This limit is reached. To download this file, the uploader either needs to transfer this file into his/her Collector's Account, or upload the file again. The file can later be moved to a Collector's Account. The uploader just needs to click the delete link of the file to get further information." I'm using a premium account but still cannot get pass the error message. Could you re-upload rom files again? Thanks!
  3. My solution is to temporarily disable the Samsung Phone Skin. In the registry, goto HKLM\Security\Phone\Skin. Changed the value of "Enabled" from "1" to "0". The downside to this solution is that you can no longer make/receive video calls.
  4. Nope...nothing. whether in default WM6.5 messaging program or Samsung's messaging. Both do not show my smses.
  5. Hi Gary, I have just flashed your latest JC2/23551 (updated 30 Mar 2010, default with 8MB PP) with Singapore CSC file. Everything is ok except my messages are not showing at all. I have synced over 1000 messages from myphone and my CEMAIL.vol is about 3.2MB. However, my messages are displayed as empty. Even new incoming messages are not shown. This has never happened before as I regularly synced my messages from myphone after each flash. Any idea how to solve the issue?
  6. Hey quizesilver, I have the same issue as you. My personal solution (as per post #241) is- I have to choose the operator "O2 IRL" and then manually edit the 3G settings. Most of the other network operator auto-configurations will not work as they are "pre-configured" and does not allow users to manually edit the settings.
  7. Solved! I have to choose the operator "O2 IRL" and then manually edit the 3G settings. Most of the other network operator auto-configurations will not work as they are "pre-configured" and does not allow users to manually edit the settings.
  8. Done that. Still the same. Now trying to do a workaround by selecting another Network Operator and then manually changing the settings to that of my network operator
  9. Hi Gary, Just flashed your JC2 Lite ROM. Thanks! But for some reason, I cannot connect to internet via 3G now. Auto-configuration of the Network Operator does not work. And even after manually inputing the 3G settings, the programs still doesn't connect to internet. (although 3G connection is enabled already). Have already ensured that the connections connect to INTERNET and tried auto/manual connection for Browser Connection. Have also tried hard-reset. Anybody else encountering this issue? EDIT: I think I have found the cause of the issue. The auto-configuration for this ROM does not recognise my operator, i.e. Singapore Starhub. I only flashed the JC2 PDA ROM by Gary. Am currently still on JB1 for my CSC. Not sure if that's the problem.
  10. Hi Gary, thanks for your work on your ROM. I understand that the ROMs you cook are those of your flavour and needs. There's a bit of confusion here because your ROM is termed as "Ultralite". Coming from XDA-developers, Ultralite in most, if not all, instances, refers to ROMs that are stripped to the bare minimum, i.e. no carrier or brand customisation and software, just pure Windows Mobile. It may be better to just term your second ROM as "Liter" or something to mitigate the confusion and manage the other users' expectations. I totally respect your work and in fact, I'm looking forward to your JC2 ROM! Thanks!
  11. Hi msra6la2, the hack solves issue with rendering information for programs that uses MS Internet Explorer on WM6.5.x. It will not be able to help with the keyboard lag issue on Opera. Thanks for the heads-up RCMAN12. Will add to the 1st post.
  12. Hey guys, For those of you using WM6.5.x ROMs (especially WM6.5.5), you may encounter issues on following programs: i) Resco Contact Manager- when trying to connect to Facebook, the screen comes up blank. ii) SPB Mobile Shell- huge difficulty connecting to Facebook. (For unknown reason, sometimes you can connect) iii) Evernote Mobile- The screen comes up blank when you open up a note. iv) FIM (Facebook IM)- Issue connecting with facebook iv) and others! The issue lies with the new version of webview.dll in the recent WM builds. Therefore, replacing the webview.dll with the previous working versions helps to overcome the problem 1. Download the webview.zip in this thread and unzip the file. 3. Use Resco File Explorer and copy the file into \Windows of your mobile. (overwrite the original file; please backup the original file in case anything goes wrong). 4. Soft Reset. The above issues should be resolved. So far, I haven't encounter any side effects to this workaround. If you guys found any side-effect, let me know. webview.zip
  13. I will still use Touchplayer for watching movies/videos since it's the only player (correct me if i'm wrong) that support hardware acceleration for video decoding. But my music library is managed by PocketPlayer.
  14. Yes, I agree. Touchplayer can be installed separately. In fact, I stopped using Touchplayer altogether due to the stupid "INDEXING the ENTIRE PHONE FOR MEDIA" problem. Currently using PocketPlayer for MP3s. Anyway, Gary is keeping an eye on this thread. So let's hope he will be able to turn our wishlist into something good!
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