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  1. During one of my now weekly phonecalls to Orange Retentions to find out when the M700 is due for release, I was told that an SPV M600i is now in testing and soon to hit the market. Has anyone any idea what is the difference between this phone and the standard M600? I asked the lady on the phone, and typically she didn't have a clue. Intriguing...?
  2. Spoke to Orange upgrades and retentions this evening and was told that the M500 was only available to new customers, and that it would be available on upgrade in 1to2 weeks! I've been told this phone will be available in 1to2 weeks for longer than 2 months now! I really am sick and tired of this service. Time to switch methinks.
  3. Sorry for the late post, but I don't understand how Orange can discontinue the M500 when it just had a full page article in this month's T3 magazine (page 9)?! I'm waiting for its re-stock too, and Orange keep telling me it SHOULD be in in 1-2 weeks! I'm starting to loose faith...
  4. Sorry to get your hopes up people! So whats the thinking, should I go for the M500? What will be your next upgrade Disco Stu? I'm tempted by the C600 with WM2005 but it just not all that disimilar to the C500 I have. A shame really.
  5. I didn't get the feeling it was 3G. She would have made a point of mentioning that I think. Maybe not...?
  6. Thanks for the introduction Disco Stu! I'm 100% sure she was talking about the SPV M1500. She read a list of specifications to me, many of which I forget, except that it had WM2005, WiFi and 128Mb onboard RAM. I asked to be informed on its release date as and when they know, but in my experience they never do. I'm a big fan of the M500, and if it's on its way out I might bag one while I can. Wifi would be useful though....
  7. I'm fast approaching my C500's renewal date and just made a phonecall to Orange to discuss upgrading to the SPV M500. The nice lady on the other end of the phone told me that they were out-of-stock but suggested I wait 'till the M1500/C600 (now on their system) are released before deciding which to buy. The woman told me that the M1500 was WM2005 and also that it had Wi-Fi. It sounds like an awesome phone, but I'd like to see some pictures of it before I decide to wait until its release. Does anyone know if there are any pics/previews out there? Will it be a direct replacement of the existing M500??
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