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  1. And by start of business Oct 5 2005 we're back to "Availability: Estimated 7 Days" - amazing!
  2. Just my luck that Orange should run out of stock three days before my upgrade was due! Spoke to retentions yesterday who have offered me a good tariff, but I can't have it without a new handset and the handset I want is out of stock with no date for any more, they'll call me when there is stock available blah, blah, blah... In the meantime I guess I am expected to pay over the odds whilst I wait indefinitely for the M500 to appear... Anyone know of a place selling Magician variants at reasonable prices with an O2 connection?
  3. Guys, Thanks for your advice. I use those strange little Sony headphones that go in your ears and block off your ear canals so you hear nothing except the music but even they didn't make my C500 sound reasonable. I'll certainly give the M500 a go (if Orange will make it worth my while) and will spend what I was going to spend on an MP3 player on a big memory card. And I'll try using wma files. I had heard from the bods at What Hi Fi that they were better than MP3s and I usually take their word as law... Thanks again, chaps.
  4. Guys, Just wondered whether any of you with an M500/Jam/MDA Compact could let me know what sound reproduction is like on this little bad boy? I was really disappointed with the sound from the C500 but I briefly owned an HP iPaq a while ago and seem to remember that sounding OK. I was considering getting myself a little 512MB MP3 player, but I could be due an upgrade soon and if the M500 will save me doing that, I'd be a very happy boy. I am a little picky when it comes to audio products though...
  5. I dunno, I think the black one featured in the full review looks pretty good.
  6. This appears to have sorted my message counting issue too! What a great little program!
  7. Manic, Thanks for your reply. I have now installed the utility onto the phone and it's now firing up at start up. Amateur mistake on my part! The text issue remains though. I have just received two texts and sent two. All are counted, even though the two I have received have been read. So I would expect it to show no messages, but it in fact reads four. It seems to count every message received and sent since the program was started.
  8. I downloaded the latest version of this nifty little tool last night and was delighted with it. However, when I restarted my phone the program no longer started. When I accessed it from the start menu it was OK, but following a restart it doesn't work. Could this be the case if I stored the program on the storage card rather than on the phone? Secondly, I am a little baffled by the notification element. I cleared all my messages yesterday and it was all fine. After sending one, the notification line showed "1 message" despite there being none in any of my folders. This morning it was showing "8 messages" which was three I had received and five I had sent, even though those weren't stored anywhere on the phone. I know I could just switch the notification display off, but it seems like a very cool feature. Any idea on how to clear up these issues? (apologies if these problems have been covered elsewehere incidentally, I read through about half of the 20 pages of this thread and then lost my patience!)
  9. exeweb

    Mobile posting?

    Excellent news, Paul. I have been missing my mobile mobile fix... :)
  10. Guys, I'd be interested to know what software you are using to listen to your music with. I resisted the temptation to use my E200 for music because I feared it wouldn't live up to my exacting standards... :) But I have just upgraded to a C500, with a bigger memory card and am keen to see if I can get a reasonable sound out of the thing. I now have an adaptor, but using my headphones the reproduction is still tinny and weak, even after tweaking the equaliser within Betaplayer. These headphones are not a match for the EX71s that you mention (I have tried them out and they are very good) but they do give an excellent sound from my Minidisc player. I really want to believe that my phone will be able to produce a decent sound and then I could quite happily rest the Minidisc and get myself a decent set of headphones, but none of the software I have tried has convinced me yet. Am I asking too much?
  11. I'm with Confucious on this one, although the guy in the Orange Shop looked at me very strangely when I requested the black one instead!
  12. Just to drag this up again, I have had this problem this evening. It seems that when you enter the frequency of downloading email on the final screen, if you select anything other than "Manually" you cannot force the first manual download, instead you receive the error message detailed by schmeegle. This is just about logical, but if I were to go back in and edit the email details from manual only email checking to hourly, can I be confident that it'll actually work? Are there any other little tricks of the trade I should know?
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