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  1. Ok - got it sorted...... I have <?php $address = ""; $state = 0 ; $housecode = A ; $unitcode = 4 ; $sock = fsockopen("udp://192.168.14", 53008, $errno, $errstr); $res = fwrite($sock, "D:" . $state . $housecode . $unitcode . ":E"); echo($errno); But this seems to switch A2..... not A4......... has anyone else had this problem? Very confused! Thanks Matthew ?>
  2. Hi, Has anyone else had any problem with the .php script above? Is there a more recent version of the script? Many thanks Matthew
  3. Archos have agreed to replace this unit, but they currently do not have any available stock. As soon as they have some stock they will contact me to arrange the replacement. Thanks for all the feedback and advice, Matthew
  4. Hi, G9 arrived yesterday, 1 week after ordering it direct from Archos. The wifi performance seems very very poor. In areas where my laptop shows full signal strength, the G9 shows "poor". Has anyone else seen this problem? What are other peoples thoughts on the wifi performance? Have installed the latest firmware, and the Market "fix" (running 2 versions of Market etc). Thanks Matthew
  5. Thanks Wahwah, At least I know now! Cheers Matthew
  6. Hi, Can anyone tell me how to enable Live Wallpapers in the MCR Hero ROM R5? Do I need to install a fresh .apk? Thanks Matthew
  7. Hi, Took the plunge and baked a 2.1 image including A2SD, previously on MCR 3.2 All works well, with one exception. If I access the list of all the applications installed on the phone, by pressing the left hand soft key on the Sense Home screen, the list of apps slowly appears, but it appears that the list of apps is being built up each time. The apps list "stutters" as the list of apps builds up. It can take 3 or 4 seconds to complete. Does anyone have any suggestions as too what might be causing this? Many thanks Matthew
  8. After some testing, exactly the same here....... wonder if it was the latest Co-Pilot update that did it?
  9. I get the voice guidance, but through the Hero's speakers. What is even stranger, is that if I turn on the option to have the hero "bleep/chirp" when you press a key (set in the Android settings), that sound comes through the Parrot, but the voice navigation doesn't! Thanks for taking the time to reply, Matthew
  10. Hi, I have the above combination and cannot get the sat-nav voice guidance to be heard through my Parrot Handsfree kit. I can stream music from the Hero via the Parrot ok. If I'm honest, I'm not sure when it stopped working.... I've deleted the pairing and re-paired it, but it doesn't make any difference. Does anyone else have this problem? Many thanks Matthew
  11. Thanks to all for the hints! All rooted now, just trying to decide which ROM I like best! Thanks again Matthew
  12. Thanks - well spotted! Now have a goldcard, but I get "Error [140] Bootloader Version Error" The ROM Update Utility cannot update your phone. Please get the correct ROM update utility and try again" Does this mean that the goldcard isn't correct, or the RUU is the wrong one? Thanks Matthew
  13. Hi, Please can someone recommend a brand (and size) of micro sd card that they have successfully rooted a T-Mobile hero with? I tried all the SD's I have here without any luck. They all went through the procedure given at unlockr - after the gold card image has been added to the micro sd, the card says it needs reformatting! All my micro SD's are sandisk. Anyone recommend a brand? Or can anyone attempt to make a gold card for me? Many thanks Matthew
  14. Thanks for confirming that - I thought mine used to as well! Think a hard reset is needed.... not looking forward to reinstalling all the apps etc Thanks Matthew
  15. Found a decent price, was about to order... £144 delivered. Then I stumbled upon... http://www.tyresmoke.net/forum/tyresmoke-r...ee-car-kit.html Feeling nervous now! Hoping that his comments on the sound quality aren't typical!
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