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  1. If you dont include Badge Provider your Messeges will brake. I would suggest removing that option form the Kitchen. I had to extract BadgeProvider.apk from a firmware and install be able to use messages again (SMS, MMS)
  2. I'm having trouble to get vibration to work on notifications. As I recall from previous versions it could be enabled in the settings under sounds. But now there is no such option. Have I totally misplaced this setting?
  3. Hi. I can't sync facebook even though I added the mod in the kitchen. When I try to add facebook account it just returns to the account page. In the facebook app the contact sync is gone. Running Franco kernel atm, but have tried without it also. Any advice?
  4. hm. I thought so, but when I try now I get "Permission denied" when typing su aswell.
  5. I have tried the suggested, but I get "$ rm: can't remove '/data/data': Permission denied" every time I try. I use Pauls rom wich should have SU rights, Titanium an Root Explorer works. What have I missed? Or could someone please make a script file to reverse the lagfix?
  6. You probably have to add the APN settings manually. That was the case for me (Telia).
  7. Ctrl+F5 (forced refresh) the page. Or try to logout, close browser and login again.
  8. thanks Paul! any chance to add a big APN list? btw, it's partial localized. eg market is in the correct language but rose, settings etc.
  9. HTC_Ru 1 hour ago via Twitter.
  10. I downgraded to MCR 2.8 but still cant find Remoid RDP or Seesmic on the market.
  11. thanks for reply. that's odd. Could it depend on carrier? Is MCR 2.8 aviable for download somewhere so I can try it out?
  12. Hi, First off, thanks for a fantastic custom ROM :) I got one issue though, since MCR 2.7 (I think), I cant find a certain application called Remoid RDP on Android Market. I have talked with other peaoples running Hero's stock ROM and they can find the application on the market. Can someone useing MCR test to search for Remoid RDP to see if it's because of the ROM I cant find it. Thanks in advance, Luffarn
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