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  1. Bing maps is actually very good and pre-installed. So long as it finds your address ok (!) the actual interface is nice and works well. But I digress. I beleive the orange exclusive only applies to carrier sold handsets eg Voda can't sell it, doesn't mean it won't appear sim-free during that period. M.S
  2. Assume that is is unless you or someone else has unlocked it. The o2 ones are all locked when sold. M.S
  3. Gutted. Have you asked the network to send the settings? Used to be an option online for o2 where you picked your handset and they sent a text with setup commands in it to read and delete. M.S
  4. I always thought it was like 'who-or-why' said quickly...... M.S
  5. Any o2 store would be fine to refund. TBH if you find one and can't unlock it I'd put it on eBay ;-) M.S
  6. They have to take it back no questions asked. Your refund may take a few days though dependant on cash or card. If cash you usually get a cheque theough the post. You never know, your hd7 may be on their list and available. M.S
  7. Gutted. Got mine in 10 mins, as have others on xda-devs. They use a code sheet i.e not generated and may not have the updated codes yet. When you entered IMEI before paying did it say it was available? M.S
  8. Mine matches exactly. Just trying the bootloader to try to get the generic RUU installed. Nice how the splash screens still reference activestink... edit - invalid vendor ID :-( M.S
  9. Got the generic rom - how's an SD goldcard gonna work with no micro SD access? Back in the day I always thought of a goldcard to be a programmable sim not an SD, for use with satellite decoder boxes - has anyone started to develop a programmable test sim type goldcard? M.s
  10. As of the last tech day I went to( 16th April) the only way was using a 'developer' mode to test apps, not designed for actual deployment. There were quite a few q's about this and Microsoft were adament the only way to get your custom app deployed in the field was to publish it to market place. Que lots of sharp intakes of breath in tha auditorium.... M.S
  11. o2 PAYG £379 then £16 to unlock for a HD7. http://www.modaco.com/content/htc-hd-7-hd7...7-availability/ M.S
  12. Yeah hate 2 yr contracts. The offline prices of the phones haven't really risen yet the standard deal now is 24 months. My first one2one contract in 1995 was 9 months with a 'lemon' clause that I could pick any other handset should mine need repair more than 3 times. Only way I'll take a 2yr contract is if it's cheap per month and they'll give me a 2yr warranty. But I digress. Buy a HD7 payg. No need to unlock for giffgaff but IIRC their internet offer ends december. Haven't seen any other models in real life so to truly decide you would need to have them side by side IMO. M.S
  13. And the dome o2 arena picture. And their blue theme. But the rom still has other operator settings in it ;-) M.S
  14. I seriously doubt o2 can administer live accounts and their operators resolve the issue. from others affected it's handset specific - when they've complained in the shop a replacement has worked ok. m.s
  15. Nice one, well done. Wonder if they're all sandisk? (goes off to check...) M.S
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