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  1. Still not on the official T-Mobile site - I spoke with CS and they are still saying the handset is not avail. I do know that some have shipped and they are giving the handset out on high tarrif bussines plans. John
  2. :P New handset received and all is a dream!! Johnnyboy
  3. Well to let you know the handset is going back to be replaced as according to HTC this is a generic fault. Have sent back to mobiles.co.uk where it was sourced and await a replacement. Lets hope they dont advise me the handset out of stock stuff for the next few weeks :) Thanks for your help! :D Johnnyboy
  4. I have tried all these options off to call tmobile now to see what they suggesst john
  5. I have it just seems that the bluetooth is not working at all i have been in contact with htc and they have advised it is a fault and should be returned. we will see what tmobile have to say. :) regards John
  6. Thanks for your reply - it seems that the bluetooth is on but not working - it will not pair and cant be seen so think it will have to be returned. :) Johnnyboy
  7. :) Please can someone help my mda vario 2 will not find any bluetooth devices. I had ord a bluetooth stereo head set and at first connected and worked well, this morning tried to use it again and nothing. I have performed a hard reset 7 times now and whenever i try to pair the devices it just states no devices can be found. I would appreciate any input anyone has i have read that it may be a hardware fault, but also have read that the bluetooth stack is not the best? Regards Johnnyboy
  8. I have now received my bluetooth headset/link 3.5 jack adapter works well the sound quality is perfect i must say! This is it: The only let down is there is no voice command calling only the ability to answer calls but a small price! I bought from TIMEKEEPERS (ebay) www.timekeepersint.com £31.95GBP inc tax and del
  9. Go to T-Mobile on a wnw plan i have and porting the number as received the port code today went to www.mobiles.com free handset and btheadset cheap and tacky but free and delivered in two days of order as ord on a Sunday great service!! :) Im Happy johnnyboy
  10. :) I have ord a bluetooth clip with 3.5 jack of ebay will report the sound quality when i receive it later this week. johnnyboy
  11. :-< well orange is no more i have gone to T-Mobile and have recived my handset today after 7-8 years of loyal custom i have defected. I have had calls to retentions and promises but i have done it. now to port my number and thats all folks.... I have never before had these kind of problems with orange. It justs seems they no longer want to keep there long term customers. Johnnyboy.
  12. Great post I am so pleased with my new device!! :-> but have had to ditch orange after 7 years!
  13. I have upgraded was told £79 fee would be charged on the next bill this is my 8th phone on orange had the account 9yrs. 4 with one phone and 5 with 2 phones on the account. The fee has yet to be charged two bills on ? (I am not going to tell them! ;-> ) :)
  14. I have always had OC but when I lost my MPX-200 they gave me a nokia 6600 as a replacment (I was not happy) But other than that I have never had a problem ! I have heard that now the new policy with OC is that they will always replace with a lower priced model (Nokia-6600) currently(even in place of a C500) I do not aggree with this policy but we alas can't do anything about it.
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