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  1. The Mini One would seem appropriate. Lets hope when the specs are announced officially this doesn't turn out to be another Galaxy S3 Mini! That was an awful attempt at cashing in on the name with overpriced 'Meh' hardware. HTC do seem to be coming into some form.
  2. Just grabbed this, thank you Paul and iwantmore.
  3. My biggest gripe in this area is the lack of Qi charging orb. Why don't we have that yet? I've had my N4 for over five months. When/if its ever available I doubt I'll bother anymore, might as well wait for the next generation. I'm considering the LG WCP-300 when thats available. The pricing on the other accessories is laughable really. £16 for a cable, as if. Who doesn't have a load lying around anyway?? Don't need a second power adapter when you can charge off of any USB port. The bumper has had poor reviews and it came a little late for me anyway, I've got a few marks on my N4 from when it slid from a seemingly flat surface onto my hallway floor, would seem like bolting the door after the horse has bolted now. The headphones look o.k but I have better headphones already.
  4. Not sure why they would expect anyone to get excited really. I'd go for their own B1 if I was in the market for a budget tablet, the specs aren't exactly worlds apart and with the £20 cash back offer Acer are running through May its almost half the price!
  5. I'm getting pretty annoyed with companies doing this. Do they buy into the Apple hype? There are FAR more Android devices out there than iOS. Enough I would suggest to bring Android apps out first. My bank (Smile.co.uk) has done something similar recently with their mobile banking app. They first brought out IOS and Blackberry apps and android is coming soon (now a few months down the line). I'd wager far more of their customers use Android then either of the other two OS's. The particular irony with Virgin is that their mobile arm doesn't even sell the iphone (or pad) so they have effectively put other companies customers over their own. As a Virgin customer who gets their TV, home phone, broadband and mobile from them, I'm not impressed. What is the love affair with iOS? If the numbers stacked up I could understand but they don't. Android hold something like 57% market share to iOS's 18%. Companies, do some research.
  6. I have found one bug. On the recent apps screen it under laps the status bar so part of the kill all button is covered and there is a gap the same width as the status bar at the bottom of the screen not covered by the black background. Thats it though. Love the combination of the best bits of the various types of rom. Its nice to see something different. Thanks again.
  7. The launcher seems fine to me???? I may replace it with Apex though to get the extra options and animations but its not laggy. Trip, this is the first time I've tried one of your roms. Its pretty impressive. Thank you for your hard work.
  8. Congratulations Paul I joined MoDaCo in December 2003 after picking up my Motorola MPx200. I loved that phone, and this forum helped me to get the best out of it. I actually bought one off Ebay about month ago when nostalgia got the better of me :D Just thinking back to those days, what happened to 'Midnight'? Haven't seen a post on here from him in years but back in the day he seemed to be involved in a lot??? Anyway, thanks Paul and long may the success continue Kurt
  9. Same here, if so it will definitely be my next device for the next 6 months until my contract is up, then who knows what Android wonders there will be out there, maybe the Hero 2?? :(
  10. I know this is a bit off topic but I just used Apptodate for the first time, and wow its impressive. Paul, I would like to make a donation. Can you confirm that the e-mail address I should use is [email protected]? Many thanks
  11. Got the ROM installed, went without a hitch. Its fast and responsive and very well put together. I've not used Batti before but I actually quite like it. I have to say IE6 is an improvement on the previous version but its not a patch on Opera 9.5 still, but as long as I have to have it, it may as well be IE6. Compared to my old Orange ROM I've noticed that MP4 videos play A LOT faster with Album, they're actually watchable compared to freezing the device up. Thanks again Paul :rolleyes:
  12. I can get 3 days plus out of mine with low usage. Its the best PPC device I've had battery wise, not tried using it as a sat nav for more than 40 mins yet though, but 1.5 - 2 hours sounds pretty good.
  13. It WONT work on the Omina as the Omnia has a W QVGA not a WVGA display. Hope that clears it up
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