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  1. My 3G Nexus 7s arrived this afternoon, Has anyone got any ideas on trying to get a voice/sms phone app working on it, at the moment I have it running the standard 4.2 Rooted If you send a text message to the number on the SIM inserted you get a pop up message box bu there is no way to reply.. Not sure if there is going to be any simple way to at least activate full text messaging and hopefully full voice call services, but will try any suggestions Cheers EDIT - OK Full Text Messaging seems to work fine if you install GO SMS PRO, it detects the built in phone number and can send and recive text messages using that number the same as a stock SMS app, (Would prefer a stock one but this will do for now). Onwards and upwards now trying to get voice working..
  2. The 3G Nexus 7 Link is working again just managed to get my order through at 10:40
  3. Hi Yes I changed it as described and rebooted the phone, it still sees only the 0.98 Internal Storage & 1.6 "USB Storage" It will not save to the fitted MicroSD Card (I have tried 4 different cards). They show up as formatted and available in the system, but changing the lines in the file did not allow the card to be used app installation.
  4. EDIT : Tried the above now, but does not seem to make a difference, still savea sas before to the internal and ignores the 32G Card.
  5. Hi Guys Just got one of these phones to play with, Have a 32Gb External SD Card in it, but all apps are still storing to Internal Memory or the Partition set up as an internal SD Card, Any ideas on how to store to the SDCard2 External card, as I am trying to download maps for my CoPilot software which is too big for the intenal Really got me scratchign my head this one, it shoulod be so easy really! Cheers Richard
  6. Great Review Paul, I have just purchased one of these to play with so look forward to any future rom you produce as usual.
  7. Cheers P Thats the problem I have been away on the Dark side with iOS for a few years and having to relearn all this android again.. So its all new to me (In a pleasent way)
  8. No, same here, not sure how long its been in operation, seen it mentioned on several forums over the past few days, My Nexus had my home and work network details in it as soon as I used the Google account that I used on a Galaxy S3 I was testing a few weeks ago,
  9. If you have used an andoid device to connect to the wifi on your google account then the passwords have been harvested, stored on your account and downloaded to the NExus for use Its a "Feature"
  10. Yep it is the one below, typical Amazon bunged the price up now there is interest in it, dont you just love the way they work, give it a day or so and the price should slide back down again Also found it for £10.99 inc shipping on Ebay, but its a ship from China Jobbie, the amazon one was UK shipped http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-V1-5-Mini-ELM327-OBD2-OBD-II-Bluetooth-CAN-BUS-Car-Auto-scan-Diagnostic-Tool-/120916769094?_trksid=p3284.m263&_trkparms=algo%3DSIC%26its%3DI%26itu%3DUCI%252BIA%252BUA%252BFICS%252BUFI%26otn%3D21%26pmod%3D300726330964%26ps%3D54
  11. Will be around the steering wheel, Euro rules state it must be within reach of the driver, normally just under the dash or hidden under a easily removable trim panel, Amazon, they had a good selection, loads on Ebay as well of course, bust must just over a tenner including delivery
  12. Have toyed with the idea for some time but the iPad was too bulky for dashboard mounting, The other tablets I have looked at were not up to it, but the Nexus seems just right. Apart from the Nexus the total costs were £11.99 for a Bluetooth OBDII Plugin adaptor, £3.99 for a cheap Dashboard Mount, & £2.49 fo rthe Torque Pro App (Paid with my Google Credit). Here are a few photos and Videos of it in use. The OBDII Adaptor The Adaptor Fitted The Dashboard Mount The Nexus Fired Up A Youtube Video of it in use http://youtu.be/L3SeQ769Pxg?hd=1 And Another http://youtu.be/gPJy1GEOz80?hd=1 Still loads to learn and configure, but a great cheap add on to the Nexus along with SatNav.
  13. Hmm, We seem to have been lucky, 5 in the family, (2 from Tesco and 3 From PCWorld) and all are perfect. Luck of the draw I suppose, but It is a real PITA when you keep getting duffers of any product,
  14. Just beware, I picked one up today as did a friend and when running the service tags thru the Dell Websites, both were second hand, mine was registered Oct 2010, and other was Nov 2010. I know they have been fully refurbed, but still very bad of Tesco to be selling them as brand new when they are clearly not.
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