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  1. I agree it does depend on what you want it for. However, i've had a number of WinMo Devices too, SPV M2000, M500, Tytyn2, Polaris (Touch Cruise) and a couple of others, but windows mobile has been functional but a bit of a pain. I bought a 3G on O2 (all my WinMo's were on my work Voda Contract), purely because i am a gadget freak and to be honest as a phone i've hardly used it (as an ipod and gadget i've used it lots). I've litterally just got my iphone unlocked and popped my Voda Sim out of my 1 month old HD2 and put it in the iphone. I just cant stand the HD2, random SMS sending (or complete failure without warning), constant lockups, randomly calling whilst in my pocket and that blasted lock screen! I had a short break between my Tytyn 2 and my HD 2 with a Nokia Communicator which i thought i would hate, but the HD2 just wasnt what i was hoping it was. Personally im going to box up the HD2 and wait for the WinMo 7 Upgrade if it ever materialises and crack on with the iphone, who knows i may get frustrated with it. So far my only annoyance is that the iphone doesnt mark exchange emails as read or forwarded which is a pain in the arse but hey! Steve
  2. Just picked up my HD2 this afternoon and popped my Voda Sim in it. First impressions are that its pretty laggy when scrolling but i can live with that. Major problem is poor signal. In Christchurch in my office we dont have perfect signal but my old Nokia E90 and also other devices (HP Smartphone etc) get 3-4 bars of signal, my HD2 sometimes shows a full signal (mainly when on the desk not being touched) and if picked up will show 1 bar or no signal. Wifi reception is very poor. I'll be interested to see what its like at home, anyone seen similar?
  3. Hi Guys, You probably have one, but just to let you know that anyone who is looking for a Case for their MSI wind, Carphone Warehouse have neoprene 10.2" Netbook cases for 8.99. I bought one as im gonig away with my Hackbook Pro. They seem ok and you cant argue for 8.99 Steve
  4. UPDATE: Well along with the Flashing Battery Indicator i was getting the massively long charge times and indication in OSX, i've reflashed to 1.08 and so far so good, 30% charged in 30 mins and no flashing indicator yet. Fingers Crossed!!!
  5. Hi All, I've managed to load MACOSX onto my Advent 4211 after swapping out the HDD and adding some more RAM (not got wireless working yet). I used the slipstreamed ISO and updated the BIOS as per Pauls instructions. The problem i have is the laptop doesnt seem to charge, it will charge for about 15 minutes and the % indicator in OSX will increase as you would expect, shortly after that the organge charge indicator will start to Blink and it will stop charging. I've tried this with OSX completely shutdown and the laptop off, so i dont think its OS Related. I did notice that in the BIOS instructions the battery should be removed before the flash (which i ahem.....didnt), however it was on mains power when the flash was done. It shoulds like it could be a calibration issue. Anyone got any ideas?
  6. Sorry! thats what you get for posting too quickly! £249 inc a bit more than normal i know but my buy price isnt fab at the mo. We're awaiting a large shipment for the education market. Email me at [email protected] if you're interested. Collection from our Retail Showroom in Christchurch. 5 Remaining.
  7. Hi All, I have stock currently, just got 6 in this morning, if anyone is in the Christchurch area and wants a black one. Just checked all the LCD and all fine too. 01202 486338 . Sorry i know this isnt a seller forum so feel free to moderate this post but trying to help :-) Steve
  8. I'm lucky enough to have 2 HTC Devices. I have an S710 for my personal phone and have just recieved a Kaiser as a work handset. Both are HTC branded and not network locked. I bought the S710 SIM free about 5 months ago and im not too keen on it, the sliding keyboard is a bit loose and it doesnt feel as together as the Kaiser. I'm eligible for an early upgrade through Orange or i can wait until Feb, i have a bit of a dilema. 1) Do i upgrade to an HTC Touch (i would prefer Wifi over HSDPA but would like both) 2) Do i upgrade to a Kaiser, unlock it and sell it on and purchase another sim free 3) Do i wait until Feb and see if there is anything else in the pipeline that Orange will Take on. I would be very interested in anyones thoughts and opinions. I definately want to keep a WM6 device as i detest other OS's like Symbian etc. I just want a nice together smart phone or similar with a decent screen and decent functionality. Any ideas?
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