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  1. leedsrgaskell

    Nexus 4, 7 3G and 10 go on sale, 4 sells out

    Bah, just spoke to a nice lady at Play Store devices support, no specific date given as to when they are due back in stock From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: 13 November 2012 14:32 To: me Subject: RE: [2-2823000000137] Phone Call Follow-up Hello Richard, Thank you for contacting Google Play! I received a call from you concerning the Nexus 4 availability. I can understand that receiving a new device can be exciting. I would be more then happy to clarify any questions you may have concerning this device. We're working to stock additional inventory and hope to have Nexus 4 available soon. I’m unable to provide a specific date of availability at this time. If you've already ordered, please rest assured that your existing order is in no way affected and will ship according to the time frame listed at the time of your order.
  2. leedsrgaskell

    Your web hosting provider?

    I use a company called PacWeb They have excellent support and some of the best value packages around. They run cpanel, allow payment via Paypal & support Zen-Cart installs. Not sure if my package is still availabel but I pay 3.99/month for 10gb transfer, 2gb space, unlimited MySQL dbs, mailboxes, domains
  3. leedsrgaskell

    2 great value Windows Mobile phones from eXpansys

    I've just bought the Ultimate 8502 myself. A little treat after my Str:Trk has started to look a little long in the tooth. First inpressions are good, it's a while since I owned a PPC based device and it seems much faster than the TyTn. Built in GPS seems to work well, and the tiny keyboard is surprisingly easy to use. My only gripe is that there seems to be no ROM cookers out there but maybe this might take off with the device available at what is essentially a steal. On a side note - what are all the cool kids using to customise the Today screen nowadays? The Vanilla WM6.1 is a little drab!
  4. At work we use the commercial products Bartender from a company called Seagull Scientific or Loftware Label Manager from Loftware Inc. What specific task do you have in mind? If it's a one off for A4 stationary then these are probably a bit beyond what you are looking for. I'm sure there are free generators out there on the web that you could use to create just the barcode element and place it into a template of your own creation. Here's the first one I stumbled across Barcode Generator -- leedsrgaskell - animetrader.co.uk
  5. Personally, I have the most recently used applications feature disabled. You could then: 1: Assign your favourite apps a speedial 2: Prefix the shortcuts in your start menu with a number to get them to "float" to the top of the applications list
  6. I can confirm that you can read/write to the MicroSD card in your phone. Two ways: 1: Hooked up to your computer running ActiveSync/Windows Mobile Device Center 2: Install WM5torage on the device and use on any computer as a removable drive
  7. leedsrgaskell


    I've only played with it for an evening, Performance, startup time is increased a little, overall though - FAST! Navigation, Some key presses are a little counter intuitive and the fake cursor can be slow Text input, All seems pretty good, apparently some web forms require use of the onscreen keyboard and fake cursor. Features, I was expecting nicities such as the external display not to be integrated. Not only are they all there but some have been improved too! I've not found a practical use other than using MS Reader but I'm going to stick with it a bit and see what else I can find -- lrg
  8. leedsrgaskell


    I nearly never noticed what you said then but I'm glad I did twig. I'm happy as the proverbial pig in muck, running Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional on my Strtrk, MS Reader on my £60 clam shell haha, mod-tastic -- lrg
  9. leedsrgaskell

    HTC Home Plugin - Music Tab details color/font

    Hi, Have you tried the HTC Home Customiser from emunutz over here? - XDA developer forums -- lrg
  10. leedsrgaskell

    Mini Opera 4 on Hermes?

    I can't really say I'm too up on my Java, using TAO Intent Midlet manager, I set the Net Access security permission to session and then it only prompts me when I first fire up the browser. Which Midlet manager are you using? Menneisyys provides a great read on Java MIDlets here in his bible - Java MIDlet Bible -- lrg
  11. leedsrgaskell

    Mini Opera 4 on Hermes?

    If you look closer on the page there is a link for Opera Mini V4, click on that and it will still tell you your phone type couldn't be found but there should be a link for the High Memory version anyway. Select, download, install, love it! -- lrg
  12. I don't know if I'm being a bit backward here but can I get this straight; Navizon doesn't require GPS to find your position assuming you are in their coverage area, but do you require a GPS device to tag Access points and Cells? (Yeah, still haven't got one!) -- lrg
  13. leedsrgaskell

    SVG Viewer

    I don't know if you've tried it (and I can't say I have myself) but a quick search of freewarepocketpc.net turns up this project - mSVGViewer Seems to have quite a few limitations however -- lrg
  14. leedsrgaskell

    Bluetooth GPS device

    Thanks for the reply Dean, Your right it does have some good reviews and the price is nice. Think I'll grab one -- RG
  15. leedsrgaskell

    Bluetooth GPS device

    I wonder if anyone can recommend a value external bluetooth gps unit for applications such as TomTom/Camaware to compliment the Hermes? I'm looking round the price mark of the Globalsat BT 359S Sirf Star III. If anyone has experience of this piece of kit or alternatives I'd love to hear before I take the plunge -- RG

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