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  1. scottishdave

    What games do you want

    Sonic the Hedgehog & Cannon Fodder
  2. scottishdave

    Dead C500

    UPDATE Over the weekend I tried to turn my phone on and low and behold a working phone with a fully charged battery. That is the wierdest thing I have ever seen.
  3. scottishdave

    Dead C500

    Not a thing. It is completely dead. I have a meter at home. I'll check it tonight.
  4. scottishdave

    Dead C500

    My C500 has just died! It was lying on my desk with a fully charged battery. I have just gone to send a text message and noticed that it didn't respond to any keystrokes and the LED on the phone wasn't flashing. I've taken the battery out and putt it in again then tried to power on but nothing happens. I can't even get it to do a reset. Has anybody got any idea what is going on? Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. scottishdave

    It's A Big Ad...

    Heard about this a while back. All the people are real.
  6. scottishdave

    MoDaCo Summer Event 2005 C550 theft - SOLVED!

    WOW! It all happens at these events! naming and shaming is so much fun :)
  7. scottishdave

    Urgent! Sim locked my phone

    It's asking for a SIM Unlocking code. Is that the same as or different to a PUK code.
  8. HELP!!! I sim locked my old SPV and now can't remember my password. How do I get rid of this? Is there an App available or does Orange need to do it?
  9. I had the same problem with a Virgin card. I power cycled the phone and it worked.
  10. scottishdave

    What's Your Ringtone? :lol:

    Stereophoncs - Dakota
  11. hmm... If you have a C500 why pay when u can get it unlocked for free??? :D
  12. scottishdave

    I-Mate SP3 WM10 Update

    You mean dispraxia? ;)
  13. scottishdave

    Forum re-org underway

    I give it a big thumbs up! 8/10 and a big shiney gold star! Without being patronizing it's a good improvement.
  14. scottishdave

    C500s now shipping with WMP 10

    I haven't got a bl**dy clue whats going on. ;) I may go back to the shop (or another one) and ask to try an "out of the box" C500. :?: :exclaim: :?: :exclaim:

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