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  1. Can't help you here but if you ring up Virgin (provided that they supplied it) and tell them that it's faulty they will give you a replacement phone. probably not a Lobby but better than nowt.
  2. rizla

    Application unlock for Monet

    Being totally ignorant of all things Mobile/Smartphones/anything with a chip inside, can someone tell me what type of software I should be trying to install? Is it ANYTHING Smartphone or ANYTHING Windows or what? Also how do I know which progs need to be COPIED to the phone to be run by 'File Manager' and which need to be run on PC whilst Synced to lobby?
  3. rizla

    Application unlock for Monet

    Since SOME programs would have loaded and run before App Unlock but not others, how can I KNOW that the reason certain software WONT load and run is NOT because I haven't fully unlocked my Lobby. Is there a sure-fire way of telling that it is FULLY unlocked, please?
  4. rizla

    Lobster 700 TV Headphones

    Hi, I need to borrow £10,000.00. Do you think if I ring my bank that they will be able to help? duh??

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