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  1. Well they are still showing on their website and from past experience, when items are out of stock the website automatically removes them and re-adds them as stock dictates.
  2. I have one of my hardware buttons configured to rotate the screen, button 6, usually voice record, i have it set so if i tap it it loads tomtom and if i hold it down it rotates the screen. you can find it under start-settings-buttons, select the button and assign it to also at first it rotated the wrong way, so went to start-settings-system tab-screen you can set it to rotate left or right.
  3. Fair point, just been playing and found if you hit the Fn key then Sys (Tab key) it brings up the Symbol Pad, if you then select $ it remembers what you selected, next time you need it you just press Fn, Sys, Return. ok its one more key press than on my old Wizard, but its not all bad.
  4. Well I see your point, but a 40" Plasma would be way to big for my room, size isnt everything, the screen size is a good trade off over the overall size of the device. as for the keyboard, well, $ sign! there are a lot more currencies in the world that the USD, or are you just jealous as there is a pound sign... I know there isn't a real pound sign (£), but there is a hash sign (#) but them over there in the US for some reason refer to this as a "pound sign". To be straight though, the easiest way to get any/most currency signs is to pres the Fn + Sys or bring up the on screen keyboard and click the 123 key.
  5. Thought of that one, so just done a hard reset... but i do always use that "Xbutton" to kill off running apps.
  6. Thanks for that, I know the Internet hammers the battery, but this morning by about 11am the battery was down to about 75% and I hadn't really used it at all up to that point. I dont use it much over the weekends, so I'll give it a good charge tonight and see how it gets on with "light" usage... The thing is, my old Wizard could happily keep up with my needs for a few days, I know its not 3.5 or even 3G and i had a Bluetooth GPS, but I would like to think that the phone could get me from at least 8am till 11pm with out needing a charge. anyway, we'll see how it gets on at the weekend.
  7. I have it poll my gmail account once an hr and prob activaly surf for an hr or so in total through the day. I have a pac-man game i found and i have notices if i play that for 5-10 mins the battery goes down by about 5%, which seems very wrong...
  8. The speed of mine seems fine, but the battery life is dreadful!, After a full nights charge, it barely makes it through till 9pm, with probs 10min max calls, 20 or so txt's, few hrs Internet and maybe 30min of GPS. I've just got off the phone with CS about it, they say it could be a duff handset so my options are: 1. I am still in my 7day cool off so I can send my phone back and then get a new contract 2. In the first 28 days I can do a straight exchange of the phone like for like I have gone for the first option as I was currently in a dispute with them over the web £5 off deal and I have been told that I will get at least the same deal I currently have, e.g. same handset price etc, but with the current web discount offer. and by the time I get the packaging to send the phone back it will be the end of next week (due to the postal strikes) and by then it should be on the website and who knows, after a few charging cycles the phone might sort its self out and I wont need to do any of this
  9. Done and Done! thank you very much. I installed Total Commander to do the regedit, is there an internal app in wm6 to do this?
  10. Cheers Paul, what could have caused it? do you think could have caused it? is it worth doing a Hard reset in case any other "issues" have crept in?
  11. Don't know if I am missing something but, if I select Start --> Programs, all the programs I would expect to be there are, but they are in a random order... how do I sort them alphabetically, or any order for that matter??? p.s. loving the new phone, HSDPS rules! bit disappointed there is no Opera browser as I use tabbed browsing a lot...
  12. It's here It's here It's here It's here !!!! :-D
  13. Nightmare!!!!!! I'm an existing customer, i think when I got my first handset that had to be delivered to my home address... Everytime I here a van outside I'm up at the window checking to see if its for me, I'm like a kid at Christmas!
  14. I cunningly, am getting mine delivered to work... I'll not be getting much done today! better work my ass off now before it gets here!!!
  15. If you're going to use Tomtom6 with the full Europe maps, thats almost 2gig
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