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  1. Hello everybody. i'm here just to ask you if any of you has experienced the same problem I'm having. After a couple of minutes of call (without the headset), I've got a "light" headache. If the call last for more than 10 minutes, my head is painful for a couple of hours. I've never had headache during my life (except few times I've got the flu) and I always talked a lot with mobile phones without having such pain. Does any of you experience the same issue? Could it be a problem of "electromagnetic shield" lack? Perhaps it coul be just a problem of my Htc Pro Touch? Thanks a lot for your feedback... It will be very apreciated. I really find such phone perfect but... I cannot use it without the headset for this reason. :-(
  2. Me too... Let's see. BTW, has anybody received the pouch that HTC claim to send to customer, since it is written ON the box but it isn't IN the box?
  3. Hello everybody... I'm close to suicide: I enabled the encryption on the storage card of my s710 and everything was working properly. At a certain time, while setting up my alarm, I had an error message ("impossibile to open the settings" or something similar). I tried to workaround but without success. I decided to make a backup of the device and to hard-reset it but... an error came up while copying ANY file from S710 to my pc. I decided to hard-reset the device and everything works fine again. Problem: I CAN'T READ FILE ON THE STORAGE CARD ANYMORE! I can see the files but with strange extension (.db9ec1b9) and I can't read them anymore. I set up same lock password and i turned on encryption on the Storage Card again (settings on the s710). Any idea about how to read my files again?! :rolleyes: Thanks a lot in advance, regards, Richard.
  4. Ehm... I've got same problem with sd-slot rubber cover: I wouldn't pull out even this... I think that the rubebr cover's problem comes up when the rubber, due to high temperature, expand itself and doesn't fit properly in the slot anymore. :-( Shall I rip also the sd cover? :-(((
  5. I think you'll keep yours until it will become annoying opening itself everytime (without ripping itself out!)... :-)
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