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  1. I've got the Asus P750 now for almost 2 weeks as an upgrade for my HTC S710. I've installed only apps such as Opera, TomTom 7 + Western Europe, Skype, TCPMP, etc. I've got the WM6.1 update on it. However there some small problems: - GPS fix only outside, my bluetooth GPS worked also inside buildings and trains and this is a SirfStar III? (not a problem actually) - My Asus get's charged each day because after a day the battery is completely empty. Usage: couple of phone calls! - Charging my Asus trough direct power doesn't works effective. After a night charging, the indicator says just 64%. When charging on USB is applied, then it works well?! - Battery indicator is missing on my homebar!
  2. Maybe this? http://cgi.ebay.nl/3-5mm-Headphone-Adapter...1QQcmdZViewItem :(
  3. Ik think it's integrated into vista, you should upgrade to vista
  4. Did only paul received the app? I also got the auto-reply mail and still haven't had any mail from them. I also have a question, do the windows sideshow gadgets appear in the windows sidebar? Or is this another application? I just can't figure how to get the sideshow bar, but the sidebar i can find easily.
  5. Is it also possible to participate from The Netherlands?
  6. Nu wel compatible met smartphones, ikg a het zo op me SPV E650 uitproberen!
  7. Hi, i'm having the same problem. I've got a Sitecom router, a WL-160. I can connect to the router in all ways, although i can't get internet. I have tried to turn on the bluetooth, it's a wonder that the wireless works now fine. Actually, this should be some kind of bug, because the bluetooth shouldn't be enabled before surfing on the WIFI is possible. Someone a Solution for this problem?
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