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  1. Thanks for the phone advice. Not so much the parenting advice.
  2. Hi, My daughter broke her leg on Friday and my wife promised her a phone for being brave... little knowing the cost of them. My daughter is used to using my HTC One X and Nexus 4 so an Android is a must. She has a Nexus 7 for her games, so the phone will be limited to a few smaller games. The N7 will need to tether. I've looked around the £100 - £150 range and like the Sony Xperia U at £119 on Virgin Mobile (my preferred network for our area). Can anyone point me to a comparable phone near enough in the price range please? YT
  3. Well it installed ok, and I've managed to get all my junk back onto the phone with little problem. It seems a little faster but apart from that no real earth-shattering revelations... bit of an anticlimax really...
  4. Has anyone else noticed or tried this ROM from the T-Mo site? Only a 1.93 but better than the stock 1.37. Just downloaded it and will try it later... assuming no horror stories from other posters... http://www.tm-phonedownloads.com/sd_compact4.html Apologies if I'm behind the times on this...
  5. Sorry Paul but the other problem I experienced, as well as the display issue, was AppToDate being removed (or at least the icon in "programs") . The above cab addresses the display (tried today 11-11-08) but the AppToDate icon still disappears. Any chance you could publish the AppToDate cab for a reinstall and the correct version number of Cameraware for a quick comparison please? And thanks for saving me 6 points and a bundle of cash from various roadworks cameras in Yorkshire and North Wales this weekend; a great app!! B) YT
  6. Sorry to dampen enthusiasm, but I've had this pouch for just over a week and, whilst it's a very nice pouch, the fuzzyfelt liner has permenantly marked the back of my Compact IV; my lovely phone looks like a train wreck with black stripes and smudges down it's length. It seems that the non-slip back of the Compact IV is to blame; the glossy Diamond back will probably not be a problem. ;)
  7. I can also confirm that this method works great. Lovely interface and no affect that I can trace on performance. The only thing missing was the programs on the programs screen which took about a minute to put together again... no hassle at all. Thanks to all concerned with getting rid of the T-Mobile pink :angry:
  8. Sorry to butt into the thread, but can these be successfully installed over the top of the bog standard T-Mo C-IV? I've had a nightmare with Config Setup v0.6.7 installing a lovely theme but slowing down the TF3D (see http://www.modaco.com/content/htc-diamond-...ompact-iv-down/). What other differences are there that you know about? Paul (MPV), a quick question for you as our default guru; you're debranding cabs have been great for the E650, do you have anything in the pipeline for the T-Mo C-IV that you own? Sorry for all the questions, but I'm getting a little tired of hard resetting and rebuilding my C-IV... though getting good at it now. Cheers...
  9. Has anyone discovered software that slows the Diamond/Compact IV down after using or installing it? So far I've found 2 main ones that affect my C-IV... 1. Opera (comes a s standard with w'n'w on T-Mo) - after using it, even if I ensure it's closed, the phone and TF3D slows down considerably. Only a reboot sorts the problem out. And a slightly off topic point - hasn't Opera ever heard of word-wrap?! No issues with either of these points with PIE. 2. Installing Diamond TF3D Config Setup v0.6.7 and using the HTC_Black theme looks gorgeous but slows the TF3D into un-usability. I've had three "clear storages” and rebuilds in the last 24 hours to check my findings, but as I am a newbie, any advice gratefully received. Cheers....
  10. Thanks Rapier. This worked fine if I added another step to this in that I accepted the default wallpaper first and then went back and changed it. This seems to have removed the haunting goldfish. Note to self: cider and registry tweaking don't mix :D Cheers Simon
  11. Ok... total numpty here... sorry in advance.... On receiving my T-Mo MDS Compact IV I somehow thought a goldfish was a good background for my home screen. Laugh! I deserve it! Since then, adding TF3D Config and HTC Black.theme and Htc black.tsk my phone has now grown up into a non-pink device... except I still have the f****** goldfish!! I have even removed the golfish file and edited the CachedBackgroundPath key. I am trying to put "alienish" as the background (or any other dark jpg) but it fails to work when I select is as the "today screen" in File Manager. Can anyone please help a poor deluded Welshman find the goldfish a new home? Cheers Simon
  12. Hi Guys, Having just got hold of a Compact IV to replace/compliment my E650 I was wondering if it's possible to run multiple GPS programs (specifically Copilot and GPS Utilities) at the same time? Has anyone tried this? I run a number of different mapping/GPS software (PocketStreets, Google Maps, MS Live, Memory-Map, CoPilot, GPS Utils, etc) and would prefer only one phone running rather than a phone for each app. I know I had problems doing this with the E650 and BT GPS, but this was expected. I was hoping the Compact IV/Diamond would solve the issue. And linking to this thread... http://www.modaco.com/content/htc-diamond-...-their-diamond/ ... I might not be able to see it in bright sunlight (so I have to remember where the unlock button is) or run YouTube, but I love it! Cheers... YT “George Bush says he speaks to god every day, and christians love him for it. If George Bush said he spoke to god through his hair dryer, they would think he was mad. I fail to see how the addition of a hair dryer makes it any more absurd.” - Sam Harris
  13. Hi, I'm trying to get hold of the app Boinger66 diamond advanced config v .51.cab from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=406681 to add to the Advanced Config 2.1 on my sparkly new MDA Compact IV, but the XDA site won't let me download it. I've tried registering twice but I don't get an activation email, and due to me not being registered I can't post a question why... catch 22. Does anyone have a downloadable copy or know of a way I can get registered successfully? Thanks Simon
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